Plutora Feature Release Notes For Early September 2021

New look Plutora!


  • Plutora has a new User Interface applied to the following core modules:
  • The new UI has a more modern design to improve the look and feel of Plutora:
    • New fonts, buttons, drop downs, icons, checkboxes, toggles, tabs have been applied throughout the application
    • New styles have been applied to date and date/time pickers
    • New styles and rollover effects have been applied to url links
    • New styles have been applied to notifications and warnings
  • A new color scheme has been applied to improve usability by highlighting the call-to-action on each screen and modals, as well as provide more consistency across the application
  • Minor usability enhancements have been applied throughout the application
    • The toggle options for ‘I’m a Stakeholder’, ‘My Portfolio Association’ or ‘All’ at the top of grids and dashboards is now a drop down field
    • The buttons to manage Stakeholders and Activities within the relevant tabs of a Release have been moved to the top right of the grid for consistency
    • Minor updates to the style of filters on Release Calendar
    • Activities By Status dashboard now displays a single grid

Bug Fixes


Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule*
User Acceptance Testing August 23, 2021
Asia-Pacific Release September 2, 2021
7:30pm - 10:00pm (AEST)
Europe Release September 1, 2021
01:30am - 4:00am (BST)
Americas Release September 1, 2021
9:00pm - 11:30pm (PDT)

*Subject to change.

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