Plutora Feature Release Notes For Early May 2021

 New Features

Deployment Plan Activity N/A Status

  • Optional Deployment Plan Activities and Milestones can be set to a status of N/A during the Execution of a Deployment Plan if they do not need to be executed:
    • Activities and Milestones with the N/A status are:
      • Treated similarly to the Completed status in the following progress bars:
        • Deployment Plan Activities tab.
        • Master Deployment Plan Activity Sets tab.
        • The Deployment > Manager grid Activity Summary & Progress column.
        • The Deployment > Manager grid Status column when the Deployment Plan is set to Completed mode.
    • Indicated in the Overview panel of the Information tab and not considered overdue.
    • Removed from the Deployment Plan’s time remaining.
  • Command Center shows the count of activities in a N/A status in the Activity Summary panel.
  • Deployment Schedule and its Deployment Plan pop up shows activities in a N/A status in gray, and Activities and Milestones that are N/A will be treated as On Time.
  • Activities By Status will show any activities in a N/A status and not consider them as Overdue.
  • If only optional Activities or Milestones are selected, users can bulk update the Activity Status to N/A.
  • Optional Activities and Milestone set to N/A will have an empty actual start and end date by default.
  • The N/A status can be renamed in the Activities Status Customization.
  • For the Deployment Plan Activity entity in Email Template Wizard:
    • Optional activities can be set to a status of N/A, along with the other statuses, if the [[Update_via_secure_URL]] has been included in the email.
    • Optional Activities with the status N/A will be ignored for the following email triggers:
      • Activity is about to start.
      • Activity hasn’t started on time.
      • Activity hasn’t ended on time.
      • Activity completed.
    • The entity field [[Deployment_Activity_Status]] has been added.
  • Optional activities can be set to a status of N/A via Plutora’s APIs.

Deployment Plan Activity Dependency Enhancements


  • Deployment Plan Activities and Milestones that are locked by an Activity dependency are indicated by a padlock on their status icon.
  • The padlock appears in the Deployment Plan Activities tab Status columns in Grid and Timeline View and in the Activity details panel.
  • Grid View also has a new Dependencies column, which lists the count of dependent Activities and Milestones.

Deployment Plan Timeline Usability Enhancements


  • In the Deployment Plan Activities tab Timeline View, user interface controls have been separated so that they are easier to use:
    • The clickable areas for the following actions have been clearly separated for ease of use:
      • Moving Activities.
      • Moving just the start or the end date.
      • Adding activity dependencies.
  • Responsible column has been added to the Timeline View.
  • Start and end dates can now be found in a tooltip that appears when hovering the mouse cursor over an Activity or Milestone.
  • Only a single click on a dependency is required to open the deletion pop up.
  • The Group Name collapse and expand buttons now have a tooltip describing what they do.

Bug Fixes

  • 18822, 18825, 19344: [Deployment Plan] Master Deployment Plans with Checkpoint questions can now be duplicated.
  • 18963: [Deployment Plan] Changing a child Deployment Plan's association to another Master Deployment Plan will now remove its Activities from the first Master Deployment Plan.
  • 19485: [Environment Map] Environment Groups with large numbers of connections now have improved performance.

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule*
User Acceptance Testing March 31, 2021
Asia-Pacific Release May 3, 2021
7:30 pm – 10:00 pm AEST
Europe Release May 5, 2021
1:30 am – 4:00 am BST
Americas Release May 4, 2021
9:00 pm – 11:30 pm PDT

*Subject to change.

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