Plutora Feature Release Notes For Late January 2021

New Features

Release Calendar Share View


  • Users can share their view of Release Calendar by clicking the Share View button, which will copy a URL to their clipboard that can be pasted into another application or document, and opened by other users.
  • After opening the URL and logging into Plutora if necessary, Release Calendar will open with the same filters that the previous user set:
    • The filters will be active but grayed out so that they cannot be changed.
    • Calendar data can be clicked and updated.
  • The Share View button will be grayed out if My Portfolio Association or I’m a Stakeholder are selected, as the data is too user-specific.
  • Share View has replaced Release Calendar’s Export to PDF feature.

Run Automated Jobs from Deployment Plan Activities


  • Automated jobs are available to run from Deployment Plan Activities using Plutora’s Jenkins Integration adapter:
    • The Automated Jobs panel will only be available after enabling an instance of the Jenkins integration within the Jenkins Customization.
      • Automated Jobs are configured at the System level and available for all Environments linked to that System.
      • Approved users or user groups can be added to each job at the System level to control who can select and run the job from Deployment Plan Activities.
    • The automated jobs that will be available for selection in the Deployment Plan activities are inherited from the linked System and subsequent Environments.
    • Automated jobs can be selected and their parameters set for each Deployment Plan Activity while the Deployment Plan is in Draft mode, and then run once the Deployment Plan is in Execution mode.
  • The Environments linked to a Deployment Plan Activity can be managed using Plutora’s API using:
    • GET /DeploymentPlanActivities/GetGridActivities
    • GET /DeploymentPlanActivities/GetActivities
    • POST /DeploymentPlanActivities/BatchCreate
    • PUT /DeploymentPlanActivities/BatchUpdate
    • GET /DeploymentPlanActivities/ActivitySets
    • POST /DeploymentPlanActivities/BatchCreate
    • PUT /DeploymentPlanActivities/BatchUpdate
  • The Email Template Wizard entity Deployment Plan Activity has a new entity field for adding Environment Names to emails:
    • [[Activity_Environment]]
  • The Job Execution History pop up, which is available from Environments, TECRs, and Deployment Plan Activities, has been updated to:
    • Show the name of the user who triggered the job.
    • Show the name of the entity from which the job was triggered.
    • Show the job type field.
    • Show the job parameter values used.

PIR Workflows and Assigned To Field


  • PIR Items can have workflows.
  • PIR Items have an Assigned To field, which also appears in the grid.
  • The users of Plutora’s API can manage PIR Assigned To field using:
    • GET /pirItems
    • POST /pirItems
    • GET /pirItems/{id}
    • PUT /pirItems/{id}
  • The Email Template Wizard PIR Item entity has a new:
    • Trigger:
      • Assignee updated
    • Entity field for adding Assigned To data to emails:
      • [[PIR_Item_Assigned_To]]
    • Recipient:
      • Send email to PIR Item Assigned To

Type and Status Categories and Modes

Now, to enable improvements in core logic and analytics as part of upcoming releases, the following custom fields have hardcoded Modes and Categories:

Capacity Tab Removed


Bug Fixes

  • 17678: [Email Template Wizard] Entity Deployment Plan Activities and trigger Activity is about to start now functions as expected because Activity is about to start cannot be set to zero.
  • 17831, 18292, 18135, 19107, 18985: [Deployment Plan] StartDateTimeActual and EndDateTimeActual are now always populated when they should be.
  • 17941: [Integration Hub] Search results are now properly paginated.
  • 18224: [Release Manager] Enterprise Releases child Release are now shown if their parent Release has Impacted Systems and Phases with the Ignore Child option.
  • 18231: [Query Builder] Two sets of parentheses along with a grid filter no longer causes the grid to lock up.
  • 18280: [Changes] Sorting by Accountable no longer results in a blank page.
  • 18326/18696: [Email Template Wizard] Deleted Release comments no longer appear in emails.
  • 18802: [Insights] Systems count now loads at the Enterprise Release level.
  • 19151: [User Management] Users with sub permissions of User Management but not the main User Management permission can now view the User Management page.

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule*
User Acceptance Testing January 22, 2021
Asia-Pacific Release February 10, 2021
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Europe Release February 10, 2021
11:00 pm – 2:00 am
Americas Release February 10, 2021
8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

*Subject to change.

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