Plutora Feature Release Notes For Early October 2020

New Features

Search for Release Owner

Now, for Release Manager:

  • The Owner column:
    • Has a grid column filter.
    • Can be filtered using the Query Builder.

Deployment Status


  • Enterprise, Project, and Independent Releases have consistent Deployment Statuses for Impacted Systems:
    • Completed
    • Pending
    • Rejected
    • Rollback.
  • Deployment Status is visible in the grid in the Systems tab under Impacted Systems. If more than one deployment is present, only the worst status will appear in the grid.

Jenkins Enhancements


  • For Systems:
    • Jenkins jobs are added to Systems instead of Environments. Environments inherit Jenkins jobs from their System.
    • Approved Users, in the form of individual users and User Groups, can be added to Jenkins jobs:
      • If present, only they can run the job.
      • If not present, anyone who can edit the System can run the job.
  • For Environments:
    • Jenkins jobs are displayed under an Environment’s Automated Jobs tab.
    • View Execution History shows the history of the Environment.
  • For TECRs:
    • Selected Jenkins jobs and parameter values can now be unique for each TECR.
    • After a job has been run, the status displays the last build status instead of Ready to Build.
      • If more than one job has been run at once, the most recently executed build statuses will be displayed. For example, Failed, even if some of the runs have been Successful.
    • View History shows only the history of the TECR’s jobs.

Environment Booking Blockouts


  • Environment Booking Blockouts can be used to:
    • Allow better forecasting by displaying time periods in the Environment Schedule when an Environment or Environment Group cannot be booked.
    • Prevent bookings from being created during these time periods and display an error message or warning, unless the user has the Book Environments during Blockout permission.
  • Users must select the Environment Booking category for a Blockout Period Type and use that Blockout Period Type when adding or editing a Blockout.
    • After selecting a Blockout Period Type with an Environment Booking category, users will be prompted to select the Environments and Environment Groups that will reject booking attempts for the duration of the Blockout.
  • Users who lack the Book Environments during Blockout permission will not be able to book those Environments or Environment Groups during that time period or extend existing bookings into that time period for:
  • Blockouts grid can now display Environment and Environment Group columns and can be filtered on these fields by Query Builder.
  • For Environment Schedule:
    • If a Blockout with the Environment Booking category exists:
      • It will be displayed in the Environment and Environment Group views if Quick Filter’s Booking Blockout Period checkbox is selected.
    • In Environment Group view, TEBR in Tools by View has been renamed Requests. 
    • In the Quick Filter, under Group byTEBR has been renamed Request Type.

Automatic System Inheritance Setup


Release Status Completed


Continuous Delivery Pipeline


  • Clicking on a version number opens a System Details panel only.
  • The build execution history pop up will no longer be displayed.

Bug Fixes

  • 18155: [Jira Customization] Removing a Jira list value (list field) now removes it from Plutora.
  • 18248: [Initiative Management] Opening an Initiative Management (IM) form from the navigation menu and clicking Cancel now returns the user to the IM FormInstance grid.
  • 18423: [TECR] XML file attachments no longer download with additional formatting characters.

Version Number


Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule*
User Acceptance Testing October 1, 2020
Asia-Pacific Release October 8, 2020
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Europe Release October 12, 2020
1:00 am – 4:00 am
Americas Release October 11, 2020
9:00 pm – 12:00 am

*Subject to change.

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