Plutora Feature Release Notes Late April 2020

Features Included in the Late April 2020 Release

Version Number

Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule*
User Acceptance Testing April 21, 2020
Asia-Pacific Release May 5, 2020
7:30 pm – 10:30 pm AEST
Europe Release May 7, 2020
1:00 am – 4:00 am BST
Americas Release May 6, 2020
9:00 pm – 12:00 am PDT

*Subject to change.

Please note: During this release window, due to the Redis cache being rebuilt, a 45-minute outage is expected for US and Asia-Pacific customers, and a 20-minute outage for UK customers.

Functionality Enhancements

Hide and display TECRs in the Environment Schedule and see which ones have outages.

User Story 1: “As an Environment Manager, I want the ability to toggle the display of TECRs via a checkbox in the Environment Schedule Quick Filter, so I can easily hide or display all the TECR rows.”

User Story 2: “As a Release Manager or Environment Manager, I want TECRs containing outages to display an icon on the Environment Schedule, so I can easily tell whether a TECR might have a higher impact on my Environments.”

Environment Schedule TECR Enhancements

  • Now, TECR rows are toggled to hide or display in Environment Schedule via a TECR checkbox in the Quick Filter, instead of being opened by clicking on a wrench icon in every row.
  • The wrench icons have been removed in all views.
  • In Environment View in Environment Schedule:
    • TECRs are now displayed for each Environment and are visible with all groupings.
    • TECR rows will now be visible, even if no bookings exist for the Environment.
      A migration during the release will change the settings in Environment Schedule – TECR Row to Save per User for all customers. 
  • Now, TECRs with outages will display a triangular icon so you can easily tell whether a TECR might have a higher impact on your Environment.
Easily see the booking and conflict statuses in all views of Environment Schedule and hide rejected bookings. Booking status colors are now consistent throughout Plutora.

User Story 1: “As an Environment Manager, I want to see booking statuses and conflicts, with consistent booking status colors, on all views of the Environment Schedule and throughout Plutora, so I can easily see the status of each booking.”

User Story 2: As a Release Manager or Environment Manager, I want the ability to hide or display rejected bookings on the Environment Schedule, so that I can choose to show only Approved or Pending bookings.

Booking Statuses and Conflicts

Booking management is now consistent in all the views of Environment Schedule.

“As an Environment Manager, I want to approve or reject bookings from all views in the Environment Schedule, so I can perform my job more easily.”

Booking Management Enhancement

  • Now, clicking on all booking types (Release bookings and TEBRs with or without a Release) in all views of the Environment Schedule consistently opens the View/Edit My Environment Booking pop up so that the booking can be approved or rejected.
    • You can navigate to the linked Release or TEBR from the pop up.
Improved data for the Environment utilization report

“As an Environment Manager, I want to see how my Environments are utilized so I can keep track of what resources are being used.”

Environment Utilization Report Enhancement

  • Now, the Environment Utilization Report (which shows the overall Environment and Environment Group utilization for selected dates) has been enhanced with more totals data and the fixing of a few minor issues.
Deployment Plan Activities now have grid column filtering.

“As a Deployment Plan Owner, I want to filter activities so that I only see the ones I need.”

Deployment Plan Activity Grid Column Filtering

  • Now, under the Grid view of the Deployment Plan Activities tab:
    • Deployment Plan Activities have grid column filtering:
      • Name and Description columns can be filtered by keyword search and Status, Responsible, Milestone, Optional, and Downtime by drop-down menu.
      • Responsible column filters by all of the Deployment Plan’s Stakeholders.
      • Start Date filters greater than or equal to the filter date.
      • End Date filters less than or equal to the filter date.
      • Planned Duration cannot be filtered but can be sorted.
    • Filtering in the Grid View carries over to the Timeline View.
    • Live Search has been removed. Filtering by the Name column replaces this functionality.

Resolved Support Issues


  • 00000: [Environment Schedule] Rejected bookings will no longer cause conflicts.
  • 15791: [API, Release Manager, Changes, TEBRs, and TECRs] Statuses updated via the API now also update workflows.
  • 16488: [Release Manager] Bulk updating the Status of Changes under the Change tab is now recorded in the Audit History.
  • 16900: [Email Template Wizard] Status is now appearing in the subject line and body of Initiative Management emails.
  • 16958: [Changes] Marking a Release as an Actual Delivery Release no longer produces an unhandled exception error.
  • 17061: [Environment Manager] Audit History now shows deleted Components instead of their Layer GUID.
  • 17196: [Insights and Releases Phases Customization] Deleting a Phase now deletes its association with its Insights Harvey Ball.
  • 17273: [API] Calls to PUT /release/{id} now prevent two Releases with the same Release ID from being created.
  • 17292: [Release Activities] A user with Release Activity My Portfolio Association user permissions can now save Release Activities after assigning that Release to their Portfolio Association.
  • 17354, 17369: [Release Manager] Changes can now be filtered under the Change tab.
  • 17445: [Deployment Plan and User Management] Users can now add attachments to Deployment Plan Activities within their Portfolio Association.
  • 17445, 17571: [Deployment Plan] Attachments can now be deleted.
  • 17506: [Initiative Management] Data tables now expand to show all their data.
  • 17543: [Custom Scripts Customization] The Save Trigger now works for the Entity Type Deployment Plan.
  • 17645: [Environment Manager] New users with all the Environment user permissions can now see Environments in the grid when they log in for the first time.


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