Plutora Feature Release Notes Mid-February 2020

Features Included in the Mid-February 2020 Release

Version Number

Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule
User Acceptance Testing February 13, 2020
Asia-Pacific Release February 20, 2020
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm AEDT
Europe Release February 23, 2020
11:00 pm – 2:00 am GMT
Americas Release February 23, 2020
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm PST

Functionality Enhancements

An external API Initiative Management (IM) enhancement.

“As a Release Manager, I want to filter my Initiative Management Form Instances in the API.”

IM Form Instance API Filtering

A new trigger and other enhancements for Email Template Wizard.

User Story 1: “As a Release Manager, I want to send email notifications when my Deployment Plan Status is modified, so I know when it’s Approved, in Execution mode, and Completed.

User Story 2: “As a Release Manager, I want the ability to send email notifications to Enterprise Release Stakeholders.”

Email Template Wizard Enhancements

  • Now, the following enhancements have been added to the Email Template Wizard:
    • A new trigger for Deployment Plan Entity: Status Updated, which notifies users if a Deployment Plan’s mode has been updated from Draft, Approved, Execution, or Completed.
      • Deployment Plan Activity triggers are now found in a new Entity: Deployment Plan Activity. 
    • A new recipient for Release Entity: All Enterprise Release Stakeholders.
Export Gantt Charts and more.

“As a Deployment Manager, I want to export my Gantt Chart in PDF or Excel formats.”

Deployment Plan Enhancements

  • Now:
    • The Gantt chart can be exported as a PDF or Excel file.
    • Deployment Plans can now be edited if their Release has an implementation date in the past, or is in an end state.
Two more supported parameter types for Jenkins.

“As a user of Jenkins, I want to use Run Parameters so I can trigger a Jenkins project that references the builds from another project.”

Jenkins Parameter Type

  • Now, two new parameter types have been added to Jenkins:
    • Multi-Line String.
    • Run Parameter.


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