Plutora Feature Release Notes Late January 2020

Features Included in the Late January 2020 Release

Version Number

Regional Release Schedule

Type Schedule
User Acceptance Testing January 21, 2020
Asia-Pacific Release January 28, 2020
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm AEDT
Europe Release January 29, 2020
11:00 pm – 2:00 am GMT
Americas Release January 29, 2020
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm PST

Functionality Enhancements

A DevOps enhancement.

“As a Project Manager, I want to track my DORA DevOps KPIs so I can increase the velocity and reliability of software delivery.

DevOps Dashboard

  • Now, you can help your company achieve high-level views of software delivery, performance, and goal delivery by using the DevOps Dashboard to track DORA’s four DevOps KPIs, which are:
    • How often do you deploy?
    • How well do you deploy?
    • How fast do you deploy?
    • How quickly do you fix problems?
  • Find the DevOps Dashboard at:
    Reporting > Analytics > Explore > Generic > DevOps Dashboard
Seven new external API requests.

“As a Release Manager, I would like to create and add data to Initiative Management form instances using the API.”

Initiative Management API Enhancements

  • Now, the users of Plutora’s API can:
    • Manage Initiative Management form instances:
      • GET /formInstance/getFormInstanceStructure/{formId}/{formInstanceId}
      • GET /formInstance/getFormInstanceValues/{formInstanceId}
      • GET /formInstance/{formInstanceId}/ComboBoxElementFilter/{elementId}
      • POST /formInstance/GetNewFormInstance/{formId}
      • POST /formInstance/SetElementValue
      • POST /formInstance/SetElementsValue
      • PUT /formInstance/UpdateName
Conditional Triggering and other enhancements for Email Template Wizard.

“As a Release Manager, I want the ability to trigger email notifications based on conditions such as the Release’s name.”

Email Template Wizard Enhancements

  • Now, the following enhancements have been added to the Email Template Wizard:
    • The ReleaseTECR, and TEBR entities now have Conditional Triggering for all Triggers.
    • Email bodies now show the old values crossed out then the new, updated values.

Resolved Support Issues


  • 00011979, 00013887: [Release Schedule] Live Search now works as expected when filtering on Release ID/Name.
  • 13403, 16630: [Release Manager] Re-opened Activities and Criteria with the Release Framework Child now have a grayed-out Status field with an N/A status.
  • 15280: [Environment Manager] Audit History now shows Status value updates instead of the IDs of the Status values.
  • 15375/15395: [User Management] Profiles now show current phone numbers and locations.
  • 00015430: [Release Calendar] Days with more than three Releases now have labels for those Releases.
  • 15748: [Systems Manager] Next Release field now shows Releases with a future Implementation Date instead of past.
  • 15784: [Release Schedule] After refreshing the browser, Release Status and Release Type filters now stay on if previously selected.
  • 15935: [Release Manager] Systems with long Description fields are now searchable under the Systems tab and the description is truncated to one line.
  • 15949: [System Impact Matrix] Exported PDFs now show the entire data grid.
  • 16314: [Release Manager] Portfolio Association grid column filter now closes when it should and reverts back to the full portfolio tree as expected.
  • 16514: [System Impact Matrix] When a browser window is reduced in size, the full list of Changes associated with a Portfolio Association and Release will still be loaded.
  • 16531: [Deployment Plan] URLs without a top-level domain can now be added as attachments.
  • 16573: [Release Activities] Bulk update now works on Free Text Custom Fields.
  • 16613: [Release Activities] When Release Setup Customization's When changing Phase and Gate dates, copy the dates to their Activities and Criteria checkbox is selected, Release Phase and Gate dates are now copied to their associated Release Activities each time the Release Phase or Gate dates are changed, not just the first time.
  • 16653: [System Impact Matrix] Query Builder now filters properly for the column Release Name and the condition not contains.
  • 16681: [My Activities] Previously saved filters now load when a user opens My Activities.
  • 16691: [Release Schedule] Release tooltips now label Release Manager as Accountable Stakeholder. This is still the first Release Stakeholder who was marked Accountable. 
  • 16818: [Changes] Sorting by Impacted System no longer results in a blank grid if the results have already been sorted and one or more Changes lacks Impacted System data.

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