Plutora Feature Release Notes for October 30, 2017

Features Included in the October 30, 2017 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific October 30, 2017
Europe November 1, 2017
Americas November 1, 2017

Functionality Enhancements

Command Center is going live!

“As a Deployment Manager, I want an overall view of what Issues have been raised in my Master Deployment Plan, see the status of each Checkpoint, and see how my Checkpoints are progressing over time.”

Command Center

  • Now, Deployment Managers have Command Center to give them a high-level view of how their Master Deployment Plans are tracking.
Group Deployment Plan Activities at a Master Deployment Plan level.

“As a Deployment Manager, I want to group my activities and see the high-level progress within the group.”

Activity Sets

  • Now, Deployment Plan Activities from both Child and Master Deployment Plans can be grouped at the Master Deployment Plan level with Activity Sets.
  • Release Managers can see the high-level progress of Activities within the set.

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