Plutora Feature Release Notes for January 18, 2018

Features Included in the January 18, 2018 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific January 18, 2018
Europe January 18, 2018
Americas January 28, 2018

Functionality Enhancements

We can now show how long an activity has been overdue and how late activities were completed in Insights.

“As a Release Manager, I want to quickly be able to tell how overdue an activity is and how late Activities were completed so that I can more easily understand compliance.”

New Time Badge for Release Activities in Insights

  • Users can now click on the Activity Completed on Time widget and see new timers for boxes that:
    • Are Completed late.
    • Are Overdue.
  • Overdue time is calculated by working out the difference between Due Date and System Date and Time.
  • Completed late time is calculated by working out the difference between Due Date and Actual Completion Date. If Actual Completed On is empty (it is an optional field) and the Activity is completed, then the Completed on date will be used instead.
Deployment Plan Activity Set Popup information.

As a Deployment Executive I want to click in an Activity Set to see the details of all linked DP Activities.

Deployment Plan Activity Set Popup

  • When you click on the Activity Set Tab of a Master Deployment Plan, then click the “+” button to expand and Activity Set you will see a summary of the Activities within that Set. You can now click on the Total Linked Activities hyperlink to see the details of these Activities.
    • Fields shown are:
      1. Deployment Plan Name (this is the parent DP or MDP).
      2. Activity Status.
      3. Activity Name.
      4. System.
      5. Planned Start Time.
      6. Planned End Time.
      7. Responsible.
      8. Milestone (yes/no).
      9. Optional (yes/no).
      10. Downtime (yes/no).

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