Plutora Feature Release Notes for September 25, 2016

Features Included in the September 25, 2016 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific September 25, 2016
Europe October 2, 2016
Americas October 2, 2016

Functionality Enhancements


Now the PIR Manager has traffic light statuses that highlight overdue PIR Items.

PIR Item Statuses

Time Zone now shows in Deployment Plan next to date and time fields.

Time Zone in Deployment Plan 

  • Previously, when users in different locations around the world executed a Deployment Plan, the dates and times were adjusted to the logged in user’s time zone but that time zone may not have been obvious.
  • Now, the logged in user’s time zone will appear next to every date and time.
    Deployment Time Zone Sept 20
New column on the Change page Parent Release ID.

Parent Release ID Column in Change

Set up the way Harvey Balls are displayed on Insights Dashboard.

Insight Dashboard Harvey Ball Setup

Now administrators can create more than four TEBR pop up Environment Specific Booking Form questions.

Add more than four TEBR questions

  • Previously, administrators could only add up four Environment Specific questions, for users to answer when adding or editing a TEBR with or without a Release.
  • Now, administrators can create as many Environment Specific questions as they like, using the TEBR Form Customization.
    Edit TEBR with more than four questions
Now the Environments tab of the Enterprise, Project and Independent Release pop ups show Environments organized into Environment Groups and allow users to book whole Environment Groups at once.

Environment Enhancements in the Releases Pop Up

  • Previously, the Enterprise, Project and Independent Release pop ups did not show Environments organized by groups and did not let users book multiple Environments at a time.
  • Now, users can see Environments organized by Environment Group under the Environments tab of the Enterprise, Project and Independent Release pop ups and they can drag and drop to select entire Environment Groups at a time.
    Enterprise Release pop up Environments tab from Richard
  • All Environment Group additions appear in the Audit History.
    Audit History button
See the availability of Environments in TEBRs before you book them.

TEBR Environment Availability

  • Previously, when booking an Environment from a TEBR with a Release, there was no way to see the availability of that Environment before dragging it over to the right panel.
  • Now, the TEBR pop up has been redesigned so that the availability is visible on each Environment under the Details tab.
  • When selecting Environments for a Release with Phases, select the Phase from the Is Available for drop-down menu. You will see which Environments conflict with the Phase.
    TEBR Environment Selection
  • Save time by not selecting unavailable Environments.

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