Plutora Feature Release Notes for October 12, 2017

Features Included in the October 12, 2017 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific October 12, 2017
Europe October 16, 2017
Americas October 16, 2017

Functionality Enhancements


The Release pop up’s design has been refined to make it more in tune with our future design roadmap.

“As a user, I don’t want to click multiple tabs to enter information. Putting the Additional Details fields into the first tab makes me more productive.”

Release Pop Up Redesign

  • Now, Releases look more like the rest of Plutora and:
    • Users adding or editing an Enterprise, Project, and Independent Release will notice:
      • There are fewer tabs to click through; the Additional Information tab has been merged into the first tab.
      • Project Phases panel can expand to fill the entire pop up.
      • Attachments are always visible in the right-hand panel.
      • The Owner of the Release is still the first Stakeholder who has been marked as Accountable, but now if there is more than one Accountable Stakeholder, users can choose which one is the Owner.
    • Owner field is now available as a column on the Release Manager grid.
Manage all your scheduled reports with Scheduled Reports Console.

“As a user, I create a lot of scheduled reports. Scheduled Reports Console lists all my scheduled reports in one place, so I can delete the ones I no longer need.”

Scheduled Reports Console

  • Previously, there was no place to see all scheduled reports.
  • Now, with Scheduled Reports Console report, located in the Predefined Reports folder of Report Center, users can click:
    • My Report Schedules to see and manage their own scheduled reports.
    • All Users to see a list of every scheduled report.


Build advanced criteria search queries for email templates.

“As an administrator, I want to customize emails so that they are triggered only when I need them.”

Email Templates Enhancement

  • Previously, users could only use basic triggers such as Is Created for sending emails.
  • Now, under the Entity and Trigger tab of Plutora Test Email Templates Customization, users can build advanced criteria queries on core and custom fields relevant to the chosen entity and trigger.

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