Plutora Feature Release Notes for November 27, 2016

Features Included in the November 27, 2016 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific November 27, 2016
Europe December 4, 2016
Americas December 4, 2016

Functionality Enhancements


Post-Implementation Review (PIR) page has been redesigned to make it more in tune with the PIR Item page, and our future redesign roadmap.

“Now that the PIR Manager page has been redesigned, I can see more data at a glance, even my Actions and Preventative Measures. And the page looks much better than it did before!

PIR page redesign

  • Previously, the PIR Manager page looked like the rest of Plutora.
  • Now, users going to PIR > Manager will notice a difference while:
    PIR Nov 2016

    • Searching and filtering PIRs and PIR Items:
      • The whole look and feel of the page has been redesigned, with:
        • All the PIRs in a panel on the left-hand side of the page, when the page opens.
        • All then PIR Items on the right-hand side of the page, when the page opens.
        • Clicking on a PIR opens it in the right-hand side of the page.
      • When users click on an Impact, Action, Root Cause, or Preventative Measure in the right-hand columns: PIR Manager action columns
        • A new pop up opens displaying toggled lists of Impacts, Actions, Root Causes, or Preventative Measures.
          PIR Item sub item pop up
      • Click All to view a list of all PIR Items (allocated and unallocated to PIRs) in the right-hand grid.
        PIR Nov 2016 All button
      • Click Unallocated to view a list of PIR Items that are not allocated to PIRs, in the right-hand grid.
        Unallocated button PIR
    • Using Query Builder: The button has been redesigned. PIR Query Builder button
    • Adding or editing PIRs: The +New PIR button is in a different location, above the PIRs on the left-hand side of the page.
      New PIR buttonpng
    • Adding or editing PIR Items: The + New PIR Item button is on the right-hand side of the page.
      + New PIR Item Item
    • Viewing Audit History: The button for PIR Audit History has been redesigned. White clock Activity History Stryka
    • Bulk Updating PIR Items: This feature is temporarily unavailable.
    • Exporting PIR Items to XLS: Found under Action > Export to XLS.
    • Deleting PIRs and Deleting PIR Items: The delete button is now a red trash bin.
      Red Trash Bin Delete Button

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