Plutora Feature Release Notes for May 3, 2017

Features Included in the May 3, 2017 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific May 3, 2017
Europe May 3, 2017
Americas May 3, 2017

Functionality Enhancements


Separate user permissions for every kind of Release.

“Now we can control user access and edit rights to Enterprise, Project, and Independent Releases at a granular level.”

Separate User Permissions for Enterprise, Project, and Independent Releases

Add users in Deployment Plan who receive notifications but cannot log into Plutora.

“I want to notify contractors, who don’t have a Plutora account, to be sent deployment activity notifications from Deployment Plan.”

Add Stakeholder-Only User in Deployment Plan

  • Previously, users could not assign a Deployment Plan stakeholder who was not also a user in Plutora.
  • Now, administrators can switch on the new Add Stakeholder-Only User user permission to make the Add New User button appear when updating a Deployment Plan.
  • Users added by this button can be added as stakeholders to a Deployment Plan and will receive notifications but will not be able to log into Plutora.
  • New toggle switches have been added to Add or Edit Users to allow this new user type.

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Push the status of a Parent Environment to Child Environments.

“We can mark an entire decommissioned rack as Inactive, and all the rack’s inventory items, such as Line Cards and Ports will be marked Inactive as well. It saves us time.

Child Push Environment Status

  • Previously, when changing the status of a Parent Environment, its Child Environments had to be manually updated with the status change.
  • Now, clicking the Apply Status to all Children button will change the status of all Child Environments.
  • Users must have the Update Environments user permission.

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