Plutora Feature Release Notes for May 20, 2016

Features Included in the May 20, 2016 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
AU May 20, 2016
UK May 20, 2016
US May 20, 2016
For some clients, the ability to define a System’s impact as ‘Configuration and Code’ is sufficient. For others, defining a System’s impact as ‘Configuration OR Code’ is a crucial requirement. The new Systems subtypes feature will allow you to define system impacts so you can track them in greater detail. A key part of this feature is allowing you, the user, to define your own categories to meet your business needs.

Functionality Enhancement

Systems Subtypes

  • Previously, only two built-in Systems subtypes were available:
    • Code Implementation Dependency: Showing that a System was impacted by a Release.
    • Regression Verification Dependency: Showing that a Release posed a regression risk to a System.
  • Now the new Systems Subtypes Customization provides users with up to two new Systems subtypes to make it easier to track System impacts.
  • Up to four Systems subtypes will be visible under the Systems tab of  Project or Independent Releases.
  • The new Systems subtypes, including Systems with multiple subtypes, will be displayed in the Systems Impact Matrix.
  • Users can use Systems subtypes to track code changes, configuration changes or other changes from Release creation to deployment.

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