Plutora Feature Release Notes for June 4, 2017

Features Included in the June 4, 2017 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific June 4, 2017
Europe June 4, 2017
Americas June 4, 2017

Functionality Enhancements

User Group  member tooltip.

“As a Plutora user, I need to be able to see what members are part of a User Group so I know who is responsible for various items in Plutora.”

User Group Tooltip

  • Previously, to see the members of a User Group, users had to look them up by Managing User Groups.
  • Now, users can hover their mouse cursor over a user group and see a tooltip showing the group members under:
    • Release > Manager > Release Manager column.
    • Release > Manager > Enterprise, Project, and Independent Releases:
      • Stakeholders tab > Stakeholder column.
      • Gates and Approvals:
        • Activities Grid > Assigned to column.
        • Approvers Grid > Stakeholder column.
    • Environments > Environment Requests:
      • TECR tab grid > Assigned to column.
      • TEBR tab grid > Assigned to column.
      • TECR Maintenance Bench > Assigned to column.
      • New TECRAssigned to field.
      • New TEBR (with or without a Release) > Assigned to field.
    • PIR > Manager >
      • PIR Grid > Project Managers column.
      • PIR Items:
        • Root Cause Analysis and Actions tab > Actions > Assignee field.
        • Root Cause Analysis and Actions tab > Preventative Measures > Assignee field.
Update Deployment Plan Activity Statuses by email notification.

“As a Deployment Manager, I want Deployment Plan Activities assignees to have the ability to respond to activity notifications via email so I can quickly and easily track completion of activities in Plutora.”

Update Deployment Plan Activities by Email

  • Previously, there was no way to update a Deployment Plan Activity Status via an email notification. This functionality currently exists for Release Activities.
  • Now, under the Deployment Plan entity in Email Template Wizard, administrators can select Enable status updating via Secure Email Link without logging into Plutora checkboxes for each trigger.
    • Users will receive notification emails that they can click on and update Activity Statuses without the need to log into Plutora.

Tems-Logo-more white space

Customizable Environment icons for Environment Map.

“As an Environment Manager, I can paint a clear picture of the relationships between my Environments on Environment Map using customized icons.”

Environment Icons

  • Previously, Environment Map had only a single icon for all Environments.
  • Now, users can customize the look of their Environments by selecting from new customizable icons when adding or editing Environments or directly from Environment Map.

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