Plutora Feature Release Notes for June 4, 2016

Features Included in the June 4, 2016 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
APAC June 4, 2016
EU June 11, 2016
Americas June 11, 2016

Functionality Enhancements

Now it’s easier to navigate the Systems Impact Matrix page. No matter how many Releases or Systems you have, the Release ID/Name column, the Applications top row and the bottom scroll bar will stay visible on your screen when you scroll.

Usability Enhancements for the System Impact Matrix


The System Impact Matrix is now far more user-friendly and easier to use.


Horizontal Scroll Bar

  • Previously, the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the System Impact Matrix was mapped to the bottom of the content. When a large amount of content was present, users had to scroll vertically to find the scroll bar before they could scroll horizontally.
  • Now, the horizontal scroll bar is mapped to the bottom of the screen, making it available at all times, no matter now much content is present.

Release ID/Name Column and Applications Row

  • Previously, the System Impact Matrix’s Release ID/Name column and the Applications row (at the top) could scroll out of sight.
    • When you scrolled vertically, you couldn’t see what Application was mapped to what column.
    • When you scrolled horizontally, you couldn’t see what Release was mapped to what row.
  • Now the Release ID/Name columns and Applications row freeze in place and are always visible, no matter how much you scroll.

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