Plutora Feature Release Notes for July 24, 2016


Features Included in the July 24, 2016 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific July 24, 2016
Europe July 31, 2016
Americas July 31, 2016

Functionality Enhancements

The Deployment Plan Library has a fresh new look and is faster and easier to use.

Deployment Plan Library RedesignThe Deployment Plan Library page and pop up have been redesigned from the ground up to:

  • Improve user experience
  • Match the design of the upcoming Stryka platform.

Deployment Plan Library Page Enhancements

  • Previously, the Deployment Plan Library looked like this:
    Old Deployment Plan Library
  • Now, the redesigned Deployment Plan Library looks like this:
    Deployment Plan Library
  • As well as a fresh new look, the redesign features two new columns:
    • Activity Summary & Progress: See the number of tasks and groups per Release and the percentage task completion.
      Activity Summary and Progress
    • Action: See your Release’s Details, duplicate your Release or delete it in just two clicks.
      Action Drop Down Deployment Plan
  • For the full list of changes, see Introduction to Deployment Plan Library.


Deployment Plan Library Pop Up Enhancements

Clicking the blue-linked name of the Deployment Plan opens the redesigned Deployment Plan Library pop up.


  • Previously, the Deployment Plan Library pop up looked like this, with the Deployment Plan Information, the RACI Matrix and the Deployment Activities all in the same pop up window.
    Deployment Plan old pop up
  • Now, the redesigned Deployment Plan Library pop up is faster and more stable because the Deployment Plan Information Deployment Plan Information tab, RACI Matrix RACI Matrix tab, and Deployment Activities Deployment Activities tab are now found under separate tabs (on the left).
    Deployment Plan pop up
  • The Deployment Plan Information Deployment Plan Information tab tab has:
    • A redesigned Activity Summary.
      Activity Summary
    • A redesigned Actual Duration vs Planned Duration.
      Actual Duration
    • New functionality: Remaining Duration: The amount of time left before the end of the final activity.
      Remaining Duration
    • Soon, clicking on the Broadcast buttons under Actual Duration and Remaining Duration will send emails.
  • The RACI Matrix RACI Matrix tab tab shows the list of stakeholders, their contact numbers and whether they are online or offline.
    RACI Matrix
  • The Deployment Activities Deployment Activities tab tab shows the list of Activities.
    Deployment Activities

    • Clicking to select an Activity makes the Activity’s details appear in the form on the right, where they can be edited if you have the correct user permissions.
    • New functionality: Under the Activity details form are two new toggle switches:
      Milestone and Optional
      Is this a milestone? Click to select if the Activity is a milestone.
      Is this optional? Click to select if the Activity is optional and there is no need to complete it before you can mark the Deployment Plan as complete.
    • Deployment Activity Additional Information fields appear at the bottom of the form.
  • New functionality: Real-time notification of updates. Now users who try to update an Activity that someone else is currently updating will:
    • Receive a pop up message telling them who is updating the Activity.
    • Be prevented from saving over the other user’s changes.
  • For the full list of changes, see Adding and editing Deployment Plans.


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