Plutora Feature Release Notes for August 28, 2016

Features Included in the August 28, 2016 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific August 28, 2016
Europe August 28, 2016
Americas September 4, 2016


Functionality Enhancements


Users can now indicate whether a Deployment Activity will cause a downtime.

Deployment Activity Downtimes

  • Previously, there was no way to show whether a Deployment Activity would cause or experience a downtime.
  • Now, if a Deployment Activity will cause a downtime, users with the Create Deployment Plan, Update Deployment Plan, or the Update Deployment Plan in Approved and Execution Mode user permissions can set the start and end dates of that downtime.
  • Users are now informed of, and can prepare for, upcoming downtimes.
  • The presence of the downtime and its duration can be found:
    • On the Activity, under the Activities tab, on the Deployment Plan pop up.
      (The screenshot below shows a two-hour downtime.)
      Two hour downtime Deployment Activity
    • In the Deployment Activity’s Audit History.
    • In the XLS export of Deployment Activities. (Two new columns: Downtime from and Downtime to.)
    • In the Deployment Plan report.
Users can now revise both their Deployment Activity start times and end times.

Deployment Activity Revised Start and End Times

  • Previously, users could only set an Actual Time Completed field for each Deployment Activity when executing a Deployment Plan.
  • Now, Actual Time Completed has been renamed Revised End Time and there is also a Revised Start Time.
    Deployment Plan pop up Activities tab new revised times
  • Users can now specify exactly when each of their Deployment Activities start and end.
Create Release Status workflows, similar to the way you can create Change Status or PIR Status  workflows.

Release Status Workflows

Release Status Customization with new workflows


Now the data from a TEBR file can be printed, or exported as a PDF or XLS file, with just the click of a button.

Print or Export TEBRs

  • Previously, an individual TEBR’s data could not easily be extracted from Plutora.
  • Now, you can print, export as XLS or even create a PDF from an individual TEBR’s data and Additional Information fields.
    Print TEBR
Save time by changing multiple Environment Group connections at once.

Move Connection Button

External users can watch certain TEBRs and receive email updates about them.

TEBR Watchers

  • Previously, only Plutora’s Users could receive emails about TEBRs.
  • Now, external users, such as users who have made the booking through ServiceNow, as well as Plutora’s Users and User Groups, can watch TEBRs, with or without a Release.
    TEBR watchers
  • The Email Template Wizard now contains the option to send TEBR emails to all Watchers.
    Send to all watchers

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