Plutora Feature Release Notes for August 14, 2016

Features Included in the August 14, 2016 Release

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific August 14, 2016
Europe August 21, 2016
Americas August 21, 2016

Functionality Enhancements

Users can now see which Releases are related to or dependent upon other Releases.

Linked Releases

  • Releases can now be linked to other Releases, similar to Linked Changes.
  • This new feature makes the impacts and dependencies between Releases visible.
  • The View/Edit Release pop ups now contain a Linked Releases Section:


Only users with the Update Release permission can add or remove Linked Releases.

To link Releases:

  1. Go to Releases > Release Manager.
  2. Add or edit a Release:
    1. Add:
      1. Select Project or Independent from the Add New drop-down menu or
      2. Click Add Enterprise Release.
      3. Fill in the first part of the View/Edit pop up form and click Save to stop the Linked Releases section being grayed out.
    2. Edit:
      1. Click the blue-linked Release ID or Release Name.
  3. Click a green cross button Circle Green Cross Button under one of the link category boxes.
    independent linked releases
  4. Select one or more Releases from the live search combo box.
  5. Click Save & Close.
    The yellow Release has been successfully linked pop up opens and closes.
  6. Hover your mouse cursor over the Release to show any truncated text.
  7. View a linked Release by clicking the blue link.
  8. Remove a linked Release by hovering the mouse cursor over a blue-linked Release and clicking the red delete button. Red Delete Button
  9. Click Save & Close to close the View/Edit pop up.



Where do Linked Releases Appear?


Linked Releases appear in two places:

  1. Report Center Releases report, which now has three new columns:
    Releases report linked releases

    • Relates to.
    • Parent to.
    • Child of.
  2. Audit History (accessed by clicking the Audit History button Audit History button on the View/Edit Release pop ups), which records when a link is added or removed.


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