New Feature July 2016: Enterprise Release Insights Dashboard

Enterprise Release Insights Dashboard

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
Asia-Pacific July 10, 2016
Europe July 17, 2016
Americas July 17, 2016

Functionality Enhancement

Introducing Insights. Plutora’s drill-through Release and Test Dashboard which helps DevOps-minded teams get visibility in their pipelines. Best of all, it’s a free upgrade!

Insights Dashboard Enhancement

  • The new Insights Dashboard brings all delivery metrics together to provide a one-stop view of all Release, Test, Quality data.
  • Different stakeholders (CIOs, PMs, Release and Test Managers, VP of Apps, IT Operations, Business Stakeholders and more) can now gauge how each project is performing while understanding the test execution health of those pipelines.
  • Insights is a free upgrade for all Plutora’s customers.
    Insights Dashboard

How does Insights work?

  • Switch on Insights for your user roles with the new Insights Manager user permission. See Manage User Permissions.
  • Go to Dashboard > Insights.
  • Your Phases or Gates or both are displayed as Harvey Balls, with the percentage completion of Activities and Criteria.
  • Choose whether Phases or Gates or both are displayed with the Phase/Gate Customization.
  • The widgets at the top of the page show selected statistics. Soon you will be able to add new widgets.
  • The Due widget shows items that are within a few days of being due. Customize how many days with the Insight Management Customization.

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