Manage Users In Plutora Test

Add, edit or delete Users from the User Management tab under Settings. Users can manage their own profile with Plutora Test User Menu.

New users are now sent an activation email, allowing them to click the link to activate their account and create a password.

To manage Users in Plutora, see User Management.

Add or Edit Users

All users now have an indefinite login session.  

To add or edit Users:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click the User Management tab.
  3. To add or edit a User:
    1. Add a User:
      1. Click Add New User.
        The User Details panel on the right will slide to the left, revealing the New User form.
    2. Edit a User:
      1. Click a User record on the left-hand side of the page to open their details in the User Details panel on the right-hand side of the page.
      2. Click the pen icon Stryka Pencil to make fields editable.
  4. Manage the avatar:

    1. Click the avatar circle.
    2. Click to select a new avatar image.
    3. Click Open.
  5. Click one of the following options to set the Status:
    1. Inactive:
      • Users cannot log into Plutora Test.
      • This Status can be given to Users who have left the company.
    2. Pending:
      • The status of new users who haven’t clicked on the activation link in their notification email.
      • Users cannot log into Plutora Test.
      • Users who have tried and failed to log into Plutora Test five times will have their Status set to Pending. Administrators will need to reset their Status to Active to allow them to log back in.
      • This Status can also be given by administrators to partially created User accounts.
    3. Active:
      • Users can log into Plutora Test.
  6. Type the First Name. (Mandatory field.)
  7. Type the Last Name. (Mandatory field.)
  8. Type an Email. (Mandatory field.)
  9. Type a phone number into the Phone field.
  10. Select a User Role.
    Administrators can Manage Roles and Permissions.  
  11. Select a Portfolio.
    Administrators can edit Portfolios in Add and Edit Organization Structures in Plutora Test.  
  12. Manage User Groups:
    Administrators can Manage User Groups.

    1. Add User to a User Group:
      1. Click to select a User Group from the User Group field.
    2. Delete a User from a User Group:
      1. Click the cross next to the User Group.
        Usergroup X
  13. Type a Password. (Mandatory field.)
  14. View Account History:
    • Account History panel shows the date and time of the User’s last login and when their account was activated.
  15. Click Save, if you are adding a User:
    • Changes made while editing a User are automatically saved.
      New users are now sent a notification email, which allows them to activate their account and create a password.


Delete Users

Deleting Users in Plutora Test cannot be undone.

To delete Users:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click the User Management tab.
  3. Click to select a User.
  4. Click Delete This Account.


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