Manage Requirements Traceability Matrix

RTM Sept 14 2017

The Requirements Traceability Matrix page shows:

  • The metrics of the selected Test Plan, including the total requirements.
    RTM metrics
  • The Requirements Traceability Matrix showing:
    Resize RTM header

    • The Requirements that belong to each Test Case.
    • Green squares for successful tests.
    • Red squares for unsuccessful tests, with a number showing the Defects created.
      Clicking a square with a number now opens a pop up with a clickable list of the Defects and their statuses.

      RTM Defects pop up
    • Gray squares for tests that haven’t started yet.

Manage the Requirements Traceability Matrix

  1. Click Requirements.
  2. Click RTM.
    RTM button
  3. Select a Test Plan from the drop-down menu.
    RTM Sept 14 2017 test plan
    Resize the top header row and the left-hand row of the  Requirements Traceability Matrix by hovering your mouse cursor until you see an arrow and then dragging.
  4. Use Matrix Settings to change what is displayed on the Requirements Traceability Matrix’s X and Y axises:
    RTM Sept 14 2017 Matrix Settings

    1. Click the cogwheel-shaped RTM cogwheelbutton.
      1. Update X Axis Display by clicking to select:
        • REQ ID: Requirement ID. The default value.
        • REQ Name: Requirement Name.
      2. Update Y Axis Display by clicking to select:
        • Test Case ID: The default value.
        • Test Case Name.
    2. Click Save & Close.
    3. Resize the headers if necessary.
  5. Return to the Requirements page by clicking Requirements.
    RTM Sept 14 2017 show requirements


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