Manage Release – KPIs Dashboard


Release – KPIs Dashboard allows users to track key metrics across Releases.

Ask Plutora’s Support to make the Release – KPIs Dashboard appear in your navigation menu.


To locate the Release – KPIs Dashboard:

  1. Request Plutora Support to add Release – KPIs Dashboard to your navigation menu.
  2. Go to Release > Release KPIs.



The Release – KPIs Dashboard displays the following:

  • Date Filters:

    • Set the start date (left) and end date (right).
  • Other Filters:

    • The left sidebar of the Release – KPIs Dashboard allows the user to filter the data in the rest of the dashboard by:
      • Type:
        • Select Enterprise, Project, or Independent.
      • Portfolio:
        • Select by Portfolio Association.
      • Identifier:
        • Select by Release ID.
      • Name:
        • Select by Release Name.
  • Widgets:

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Updated on July 24, 2020

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