Manage Plutora Test User Menu

The User Menu allows users to manage their account and other tasks.

Manage User Menu

The User Menu allows users to perform the following tasks:

  1. Manage your account:
    1. Click My Account.
    2. Update your user details:

      1. Click the pen icon to update: 
        1. First name.
        2. Last name.
        3. Email.
        4. Phone.
      2. To update your Password:
        1. Click change password.
        2. Type your current password.
        3. Type your new password.
        4. Click Submit.
      3. Manage your avatar image:
        1. Add an avatar image:
          1. Click the pen icon under the avatar. 
          2. Select an image.
          3. Click Open.
        2. Delete your avatar image:
          1. Click the X.
          2. Click Yes to confirm.
  2. See the current version number of Plutora Test:
    1. Click About Plutora Test.
      A pop up with the version number will open.
    2. Click Close to close the pop up.
  3. Obtain help from the knowledge base:
    1. Click Help to open the knowledge base.
  4. Log out of Plutora Test:
    1. Click Logout to log out of Plutora Test.


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Updated on May 31, 2021

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