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The Company Report Folder is found at the bottom of the left-hand navigation panel on the Report Center page and is labeled with your company name. It contains folders filled with reports that have been designed for your company.

Administrators can click on the cogwheel-shaped button and manage the report folders.

Report Center update v43200 Company reports

Manage Company Reports

To manage company reports:

  1. Go to Reporting > Report Center.
  2. Click the cog wheel-shaped button Blue cog wheel on your company reports folder.
    Administrators must have the View Folder Administration user permission.

    The four-columned Report Folder Administration pop up opens.Report Folder Administration pop up
  3. Manage Company Report folders:
    1. Add a report folder:
      Report folder administration new folder button

      1. Click +New.
      2. Type the folder name.
      3. Click  OK.
    2. Rename a report folder:
      1. Click the pencil-shaped edit Report center pen in circle edit button button.
        Report folder administration edit button
      2. Type the new report folder name.
      3. Click OK.
    3. Delete a report folder:
      Report folder administration delete button

      1. Click to select a folder.
      2. Click Delete.
      3. Click OK.
    4. View the reports inside a folder:
      Assigned reports a folder

      1. Click to select the folder.
        The reports inside the folder appear in the Assigned Reports column.
    5. Add reports to a folder:
      1. Click to select the folder.
      2. Click to select reports in the Available Reports column. Hold down the Shift or Control/Apple keys to select more than one report at once.
      3. Click Add Selected Report(s) to selected folder at the bottom of the pop up.
        Add company reports add selected reports button
    6. Delete reports from a folder:
      1. Click to select the report folder.
      2. Click to select a report. Hold down the Shift or Control/Apple keys to select more than one report at once.
        Delete company reports
      3. Choose one of the following:
        1. Delete all reports: Select Delete All from the Action drop-down menu.
        2. Delete one or more reports: Click to select the reports you would like to delete and select Delete Selected Items from the Action drop-down menu.
          Deleting a report from a folder does not delete the report. It can always be added again.
    7. Manage report folder viewing permissions:
      1. Add permissions:
        1. Under the Report View Permission column, select a User Role, User Group, or User Name from one of the drop-down menus.
          Add company report folder permission
        2. Click Add.
          The permission appears below the drop-down menus, under the heading This report is shared with.
      2. Delete permissions:
        1. Click the X beside the permission you would like to delete.
          Delete company reports permission
    8. Click Save & Exit.




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Updated on April 19, 2021

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