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The Change tab, in Project and Independent Release, displays the Changes linked to the Release. With this tab, you can

  • see a list of the Changes that are included in the Release.
  • add one or more Changes to the Project or Independent release.
  • remove one or more Changes to the Project or Independent release.
  • add a new Change directly to the release.
  • apply filters on the grid columns. This enables you to refine the list displayed.

You can customize the ‘Change’ tab name using Menu Setup Customization (Changes) feature. This article provides you with a brief overview of steps to add Change to your Release.


  • To be able to add Changes to a Release, you must link the respective Systems to the ‘Regression Systems’ Subtype. For more details to link Systems, see Manage Systems. This System must, in turn, be linked to the Change.
  • You must have the ‘Assign Changes’ and ‘View Changes Tab’ user permissions to be able to add and manage Change to a Release.

Release > Manager

Access ‘Change’ tab

To access the Change tab:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Release Manager’ page.
  2. Search for the Project or Independent Release in which you want to manage the Changes. You can use the filter options available on this page.
  3. Open the record by clicking on the Release ID or Release Name.
  4. Click on the Change tab.

The Left-Hand Side displays the available Change that you can link to the Release. The Changes displayed are the Changes related to the linked Systems. The Right-Hand Side displays the Change that is already linked to the Release if any.

To link a Change to the Release, drag and drop the Change from the ‘Change Available’ section to the ‘Change in Project Release’ (or Change in Independent Release) section.

The tab footer displays the number of Changes available and linked to the Release.

To unlink a Change from the Release, simply drag and drop the respective Change from ‘Change in Project Release’ to the ‘Change Available’ section.

More Information

Create a New Change

To create a new Change, click  on the top of the grid. The ‘Change’ pop-up displays. Fill in the fields on this pop-up to create a new Change. For further details on this pop-up, see Add Or Edit Changes.

Access Change

You can view/open the Change displayed on this tab by clicking on the Change description column.

Filter Release

You can filter the Change displayed on this tab using the grid filter option available:

  • Enter the ID or Name
  • Filter by System

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