Lion – Plutora Production Release Notes May 2015

Features Included in Lion 4.0.113

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
US 15th May 2015
AU 8th May 2015
UK 15th May 2015


Major Functionality Enhancements

Master Plan by Systems

  • To help users better manage their Deployment Plans and visibility across the status of System/s deployment progress, Plutora introduces this major new functionality called ‘Master Plan by Systems‘.
  • The Master Deployment Plan by Systems will provide a high-level real-time view of all the deployment plans associated to the Systems in an easy to read single view.
  • Users will have the ability to choose Releases that have Deployment Plans under Execution Mode associated with them.
  • By selecting the Releases that have Deployment Plan’s associated with them, all the Systems with those Deployment Plans will be brought up.
  • The Systems will be brought up with the corresponding Deployment Plan Activities.
  • The Current Deployment Activity and Next Deployment Activity associated with the System will be displayed under the grid view.
  • Depending on the Deployment Activity Status and the current time, the Status of the Deployment Activities has been further divided into six Categories. (Not Started, In Progress, On Time, Failed, Overdue, Completed, Completed Late).
  • Users will also have the ability to decide which status will be displayed on the grid by easily selecting the filter’s on or off.

Grid Column Filter

Test Environment Change Request (TECR) Maintenance Bench

  • To help users to manage Test Environment Booking Requests more efficiently, Plutora now adds the new functionality to the Test Environment Requests Maintenance Bench.
  • Two new columns named “Create EB” and “Phase” have been added to the TECR Maintenance Bench Window Grid.
  • By ticking “Create EB”, the “Phase” Column will become available, so by clicking the “Save” button, an Environment Allocation Request will be created for this Phase with the corresponding the information that has been filled out.

User Interface Improvements

  • Plutora has deployed a newly updated and lighter front-end to improve the browser rendering performance and user experience.
  • The look and feel of Plutora have been improved as well.
  • The rendering process and browser CPU usage consumption have been improved significantly.


Functional Enhancements in Lion

Environment Manager

Environment Groups – Portfolio Association

  • The Portfolio Association field has been added to Environment Groups.
    • Users will now be able to add a Portfolio Association to an Environment Group through the details section of an Environment Group.

Environments with Additional Information

  • Users now have the ability to Display Additional Information on the Environments Grid.
  • By clicking the Action > Grid Column Selector, a popup window will be brought up, and users will have the ability to select which custom fields will be displayed on the Environments Grid via this list.

Soft Deleting of Environment Entities

  • Users will be able to delete an entity without removing other elements associated with it. These entities include:


Release Manager

Release > Changes Query Builder

  • The ‘Release ID’ is now an option to filter by in the Changes grid.
    • The results returned are those Changes that have the ‘Actual Delivery Release’.

Duplicating a Release with Phase/Gate Start Date

  • When duplicating a Release, the user can specify the Start Date of the earliest Phase or Gate.
    • The rest of the Phases or Gates will offset with the date specified.

Releases Query Builder

  • The ‘Intake Approval’ is now an option to filter by in the Releases grid.
    • This option in the Query Builder will only be available if the ‘Release Intake Status’ is enabled in Customizations.

Soft Deleting of Release Entities

  • Users will be able to delete a Change entity without removing other elements associated with it.
    • Changes (under Release > Changes) can now be deleted immediately without having to unlink various entities.



Custom URL

  • Users can add a Custom URL to quickly access external websites.
  • The Custom URL can be set under Settings > Customization > Site Settings > External URL.
    • The URL must contain the full address which may include ‘https:// in front of the address.
  • Users can set the color of the menu item which can be accessed via clicking the user name on the top right-hand corner menu.

Welcome Message

  • Users now have the ability to set a custom welcome message.
  • The message will be displayed upon login into the Plutora Application.
  • The functionality can be set under Settings > Customization > Site Settings> Welcome Message.
    • If the user selects to not display this message again, it will return if a new message is set.


Bug Fixes

Release Manager

Problem Fix
Release > Environments tab drag & drop functionality does not work on some occasions in IE9. With the upgrade of the framework, the drag & drop functionality no longer causes an issue after re-opening the Release.
Deleted Environments appear in the Enterprise Release Environments section under the Release > Environments tab. When using the live search from the Enterprise Release, deleted environments will not appear in this list.
When deleting Blockout Periods that have an attachment, no indication appears to the user whether or not the Blockout Period has been deleted. The Blockout Period could not be deleted unless the attachment is first removed. After confirming to delete the Blockout Period, the attachment is removed automatically.

Environment Manager

Problem Fix
The ‘Requestor’ field would change to the current user if they were to save a Test Environment Booking Request that had a different ‘Requestor’. The user who created the ‘Test Environment Booking Request’ will stay as the ‘Requestor’ of the form regardless of who saves the Test Environment Booking Request form.
The Statistic Panel that shows the charts for the Environment Requests switch between colors for the Test Environment Booking Request and Test Environment Change Request. The Test Environment Booking Request is now fixed as blue whereas the Test Environment Change Request is fixed as green in the chart.
Plutora would not allow the user to duplicate a Test Environment Change Request when an attachment is associated. A Test Environment Change Request can be duplicated with an attachment. However the attachments are not carried across.


Problem Fix
When using the ‘From Today’ option in the Query Builder, the application would sometimes ask the user to input a date as this cannot be empty. When reopening a Query Builder that uses this option, the application no longer warns the user of this.

Known Issues


Problem Fix
Unable to export Release and Environment Schedule to PDF. Plutora is working on a new exporting engine to allow users to export the scheduler in a high-quality output.


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