Jaguar – Plutora Production Release Notes July 2015

Features Included in Jaguar 4.0.15

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
AU 24th July 2015
US 31st July 2015
UK 31st July 2015


Major Functionality Enhancements

Post Implementation Review

  • This is a BETA version
  • Post Implementation Review Manager will require additional software licensing for Production use (Contact your Plutora Account Manager for more information)

Main Features

  • Create and manage the end to end Post Implementation Review process
    • Design and auto email questionnaires and surveys and collate consolidate feedback using automated tooling
    • Create PIR Issues and Items and track them through to completion
    • Design Preventative Measures and assign them to future releases/projects to ensure improvement in the delivery lifecycle.
    • Track historical trends and generate actionable insights for management to avoid failures in the release and deployment process.

Email Template Designer

Plutora introduces new functionality called Email Template Wizard to provide administrators more customization of their Emails Notifications.

  • This new functionality can be accessed via the Settings > Customization > Emailing > Email Template Wizard, and the old Email Notification under the Site Settings has been removed.
    • Eleven Default Email Templates will be provided to carry out the old Email Notification.
    • Users can add more Email Templates via the Add button on the top.
    • The design process has been divided into five steps.
      • Step 1:
        • Users can edit the Template Name and change the status of the template to Active or In-Active.
      • Step 2:
        • Users can select the Entity, Trigger and Trigger options.
        • For instance, the Entity can be Release, Trigger can be Release Status, and the Trigger Option can be a list of selected Release Statuses.
      • Step 3:
        • Users can edit the Actual Email Content under this page.
        • The Email Subject, Mailed by and Alias can also be set up on this page.
        • Users can drag the available fields based on the Entity Selected into the Actual Email Content.
      • Step 4:
        • Users can preview the email content under this step.
      • Step 5:
        • Based on the Email Entity, different email recipients can be set under this stage.

Announcements Feed

  • Plutora provides new functionality that allows administrators to create an announcement feed.
  • This Announcement Feed can be set under Settings > Customization > Site Settings > Announcements Feed.
  • The new Announcement Feed will be displayed on the top the Application to remind users of an upcoming major event.

Release Calendar Improvements

Custom Fields Grouping

  • To provide better management of the Custom Fields, users can group Custom Fields together under the same tab.
  • The Grouping can be managed under the Customization, Custom Fields window.
  • Similar to the inner tabs of the Custom Fields, users need to create the groups first and add them to the corresponding group.

Scheduled Reporting

  • Users can now have the ability to set up scheduled reporting. A user can schedule a private or public saved report to be auto emailed as PDFs to an email recipient list.


Functional Enhancements in Jaguar

Release Manager

Capacity Management Bucket Color Scheme

Blockout Period Types

Start and End Times for Blockout Periods

Access of Blockout Period Attachments

  • Attachments for Blockout Periods can now be accessed from the Blockout Period grid and the Release Calendar.

Release Type Filter for Release Schedule

  • The Release Type Filter has been added the Release Schedule for users to filter Releases based on their Release Type.

Release Packages – Bulk Update

  • Users now have the ability to add Release Packages in bulk.
  • This new functionality can be utilize under the Settings > Customization > Release > Release Packages section.
  • The Release Packages can be added in a weekly or monthly manner.

System Deployment Status for the Release

  • Plutora currently provides two options for the System Deployment Status; Pending and Completed. We have introduced new traffic lights to display against the system under the Releases pop-up > Systems Tab.
  • An extra deployment status “Rejected” has been added to the available statuses.

Changes Module

  • Administrators will now have the ability to change the Changes Label to a custom label.
  • The Changes Menu item label and all labels in Changes tab can be edited.


Deployment Plan Manager

Deployment Plan Live Update

  • The Start and End dates of any Deployment Activity will automatically update in real time to other users viewing the same Deployment Plan.


Environment Manager

TECR Custom Fields Lock Down

  • The ability to lock down Custom fields have been added to the TECR functionality.
    • This functionality has been previously implemented for the Release Custom Fields.


Report Center

New Report Manager Permissions

  • New Permissions have been added to the User Management page.
    • Roles can now be restricted to view the following:
      • Public Reports
      • All/Add Reports
      • Custom Reports
  • This permission can be set under the Settings > User Management > Manage Permission > Reports Manager.

Report Manager Live Search

Public Reports Folder Structure



Attachment Window Improvements

  • Users can add a URL to the Attachments Window.
  • Moreover, an eye icon is provided to preview the attachment in a new tab.

Live Search Improvements

  • Through the application when searching for the Release ID/Name, improvements have been made to way Live Search operates.

Audit Performance has been Dramatically Improved

  • All Audit History windows across Plutora load instantly increasing performance by more than 100%.


Bug Fixes

Release Manager

Problem Fix
Release ID/Name Filter did not work correctly when using multiple words in the string under the Release/Environment Schedule. The filter will work properly when users search multiple words under Release/Environment Schedule now.
In “Your Release Activities” window, activities that were overdue and marked as ‘Red’ were no longer appearing in the window after scrolling. Activities no longer disappear when scrolling in the “Your Release Activities” window.
When inheriting data from the Parent Release, the Child Release would not inherit the Start Date of the Activities/Criteria. When associating a Child Release with a Parent Release, the Start Date of the Activity/Criteria is now brought down to the Child Release as well.
When selecting a Blockout Type in the Blockout Period window, a black smudge appears on the left that obscures the Blockout Type text. The image for the Blockout Type now correctly renders when selecting a Blockout Type.
When trying to duplicate a Release using IE9, the original Release Implementation Date was displayed as NaN. The Release Original Implementation Date will be displayed correctly under IE9.
Users were not able to remove all values for ‘Change Target’. For example, if the user had five releases checked, the user was not able to remove the last Change Target. Users can remove the all the values for ‘Change Target’ now.
Change Details window would intermittently freeze after drilling-through different parts of the window. The Plutora application no longer forces the user to refresh the browser after accessing the Change Details window.

Environment Manager

Problem Fix
When adding a new Environment to the application, if the ‘Additional Information’ tab was accessed, duplicate entries of the Custom Field were created. Custom Field entries can no longer be duplicated.
Users were not able to export the Environments Impact Matrix to XLS. Environments Impact Matrix can be exported to XLS as per usual.
When accessing TECR details in the Release Calendar, the TECR Status field displays an empty field.  The TECR details window now populates the corresponding TECR Status.
When extending an Environment Allocation by drag & drop in the Environment Schedule – Project View, the allocation would sometimes disappear and not allow you to change the dates. Environment Allocation extension may be performed and save the new set of dates as per normal.
The user was not able to change the Environment Allocation dates by double clicking on the Environment Allocation in the Environment Schedule – Project View.  When setting dates and the Save & Close button is clicked, the Environment Allocation will reflect these new dates.


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