Introduction To Report Center

New customers, who joined after November 30, 2018, only have access to Plutora Analytics. For more information, please contact Plutora Support.

The Report Center page allows users to view and search their reports.

Report Center v43200

Search Reports

To search reports:

  1. Go to Reporting > Report Center.
  2. Type your search in the search field.
    Report Center update search field v43200
  3. Press the Enter key.


Browse Reports

Users can browse available reports using the left-hand navigation panel.

My Reports left-hand navigation panel has been renamed to My Bookmarks. Public Reports has been renamed to Public Bookmarks.

Report Center update v43200

To browse reports:

  1. Go to Reporting > Report Center.
  2. Click a menu item in the left-hand navigation panel. Report menu items are:
    1. My Bookmarks: Your private report bookmarks.
    2. Public Bookmarks: Public report bookmarks that can be accessed by other users in your company.
    3. Predefined Reports: Generic, ready-to-use reports covering the different modules of Plutora.
    4. Create a Report: Customize and create your own report.
    5. Company Reports: Reports created for your company. “Demo” is the company name in the image at the top of this page. (For more information, see Manage Company Reports.)
      If the menu item does not open, it is empty.
  3. Click to open sub-menus, if necessary.
  4. Click to open a report. Open reports can be exported or favorited.


Hide the left-hand navigation panel

Hiding the left-hand navigation panel so that it will not show when printing reports.

To hide the left-hand navigation panel:

  1. Go to Reporting > Report Center.
  2. Click the blue eye above the left-hand navigation panel.
    Blue Eye

To restore the left-hand navigation panel, click the blue eye again.
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Updated on April 19, 2021

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