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Import A Single TEBR From XLS (Microsoft Excel)

Import a TEBR from an Excel file in order to save time filling in all the fields.

Import a single TEBR from Excel

Users must have the Create/Update TEBR user permission. 

To import a single TEBR from Excel:

  1. Go to Environment > Requests.
  2. Click the TEBR tab.
  3. Click a blue-linked TEBR Number or TEBR Title to open a TEBR.
  4. Click the Import/Export button.
  5. Click Import from XLS.
  6. Click Download Template:
    • The template file should start downloading immediately without any other interaction. If it doesn’t, check your pop up blocker settings.

  7. Open the template file in Microsoft Excel.
  8. Fill in the fields using the suggestions in <<>> as a guide.
  9. To upload the filled-in Excel template to Plutora and create a new TEBR:
    1. Click the Import/Export button.
    2. Click Import from XLS.
    3. Select the file to upload.
    4. Click Upload File.
    5. Click Open:
      • The file should upload and the page will refresh and show the uploaded activities, which can be edited immediately.
      • Users or watchers who are already in Plutora will not be imported to prevent doubled-up records.
      • If mandatory fields are blank or contain incorrect data, only valid data will be imported, and you will see an error message.
      • Fix the problems in your Excel file and try again.
      • Environment Bookings and comments cannot be imported and must be added manually.


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Updated on April 19, 2021

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