Honey Badger – Plutora Production Release Notes September 2015

Features Included in Honey Badger

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
AU 6th September 2015
US 13th September 2015
UK 13th September 2015


Major Functionality Enhancements

Release System Tab Consolidation

  • The user now will have the ability to customize the labels of the Enterprise Type label, Enterprise Date label, and Deployment Type label, and so on, under the Enterprise Release System Tab.
  • Users can also customize the values of the Enterprise Type values.
  • This functionality can be set under Settings Customization > Release > Systems – Enterprise Setup.

Deployment Plan Usability Enhancement

Bulk Update functionality enhancement for Deployment Plan Tasks

  • Bulk Update functionality has been extended for ‘Application’, ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ for the selected Deployment Activities.

Bulk Update Functionality Improvement for Deployment Plans.

  • By multiple selecting several Deployment Plans, and clicking the corresponding buttons (including progress and duplicate buttons), user will the ability to perform the following bulk update functionality.
    • Bulk progress multiple deployment plans
    • Bulk regress multiple deployment plans
    • Bulk duplicate multiple deployment plans.

TECR Window Refactoring

  • The Env. or Env. Group field has been removed from the TECR window.
  • For the existing TECR, the original Environment will still be displayed under the Progression Path of the TECR section under the bottom part of the TECR window.
  • Instead of displaying all the Environments belong to the Environment Group as before, the Environment Group will be displayed as a single Environment Group card with light blue background Environment Group Card.

Link Change to Test Environment Change Request


Functional Enhancements in Honey Badger

Release Manager

Release Status Filter for Release Calendar

  • Release Status filter has been added to the left side navigation panel of the Release Calendar.

Release Systems – Deployment Type Value Customization

  • The user can customize the available Deployment Type values under Settings > Customization > Release > Systems – Deployment Type panel.

Release Systems – Deployment To Value Customization

  • The user can customize the available Deployment To values under Settings > Customization > Release > Systems – Deployment To panel.

Release Systems – Deployment Status Customization

  • The user can customize the three Deployment Statuses other than Completed, Pending, Rejected.

Release Change Tab Labels – Customization Further Enhancement

  • The user now can customize the Change Label across the entire Plutora Application.
  • This functionality has been extended to Test Environment Change Request Label.
  • This label can be customized under the Settings > Customization > Environments > Menu Label. And the Change label will be updated across the entire Plutora application.

View by Year of Blockout Periods

  • Users now can view all the Blockout Periods within a specific year under the Blockout Periods grid.
  • By selecting the target year and clicking the “View by Year” option, all the Blockout Periods (Start Date and End Date) within this year will be displayed below the grid.

Query Builder Enhancement for Systems

  • The Status field has been added to the System Query Builder.
    • Users can filter the System by the Active or Inactive Status.


Environment Manager

Environment Schedule Enhancement

  • Under the Environment Group view, the user will be able to access the associated Release by clicking the individual Environment Group, which has the Release related to it.


Post Implementation Review

General Improvements

  • General Improvements across all of the PIR module have been made.


Report Center

New Reporting Engine Theme

  • New Reporting Engine theme has been applied to the Report Center.

Deployment Plan Report

  • A new report named “Deployment Plan” has been added to the Report Center to display an overview of all the Deployment Plans.

Project Status Report

  • A new report named “Project Status” has been added to the Report Center to display an overview of all the Project Status.


Bug Fixes

Release Manager

Releases will appear on Release calendar based on the implementation date despite the users’ time zone.
The “Save and Close” button will work correctly when adding or modifying the Stakeholders.
The update history of the Project Status will be displayed on the Audit History window correctly.
When removing a Change from a Release, the association of the System to the Release will be removed as well.
The Duplicate Release window now closes duplicates and closes correctly for certain Releases.

Environment Manager

View Environment Stack will load faster. Previously if you had more than 1000 environments setup in Plutora, there was a delaying in loading the visual “View Stack”.
When updating Environment Status of the Test Environment Booking Requests, the window will be displayed as usual.
The ‘Status’ column in the ‘My Environment Booking’ tab correctly shows the Allocation’s status.

Report Center

The Report filter can be saved and loaded correctly.
Public sub-folders now appear correctly across all users in the subdomain.


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