Filter Defects

Two new columns, Time Estimated and Time Spent are now available for selection. 

The Defects page allows users to:

  • View, search, and filter all Defects.
  • See their associated Priorities, Assignees.

This page lists all the Defects, including those created during Test Execution and those created independently.

Also see how to Quick Search and Advanced SearchAdd or Edit DefectsDuplicate Defects, and Delete Defects.

Users must have the Defects View user permission to see the Defects page. 

Defects Sept 25 2017

Filter and Search Defects

To filter and search Defects:

  1. Click Defects.
  2. Filter:
    PlutoraTest will remember your filters if you leave the page, or log out and back in again.  

    1. Free text fields:
      1. Type your filter keyword into the Search field under a column header.
        Defect Search filter
      2. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
    2. Assignee fields:
      1. Add an assignee or user group:
        1. Click under the column header.
        2. Scroll down to browse assignees and user groups or type a search term.
        3. Click to select an assignee or user group.
          Assignee filter
      2. Remove an assignee:
        1. Click the blue XBlue cross
          Remove assignee
    3. Combo box menu fields:
      1. Click under the column header.
      2. Click to select one or more checkboxes or:
         Combo box with select all buttonDeselect All button
        Use the Select All or Deselect All buttons to make multiple selections at once.
      3. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
    4. Date fields:
      1. Add a date selection:
        1. Click Start Date or End Date.
          Date column filter
          If the Start Date and End Date buttons on the date fields column extend into the column on the right and hide its filter, stretch the date fields column until both buttons fit. 

        2. Scroll through the months by clicking < or >.
        3. Click a day to select a date and click Close.
        4. Click Today to select today’s date.
      2. Remove a date selection:
        1. Click Start Date or End Date.
        2. Click Clear.


Show and Hide Columns

Users can show and hide columns in the Defects page, including Defect Custom Fields.

*NEW* Two new columns, Time Estimated and Time Spent are now available for selection. 

To show and hide columns:

  1. Click Defects.
  2. Click the header of the Action column on the far right.
    Action column header
  3. Click to select the fields you would like displayed.

    Grayed out checkboxes cannot be deselected.
  4. Click Save & Close.
    The selected fields will appear as new columns on the right of the Defects page.


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