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New customers, who joined after November 30, 2018, only have access to Plutora Analytics. For more information, please contact Plutora Support.

Users can export reports in the following file formats:

  • Excel.
  • CSV.
  • PDF.

Export reports v43200


Export Reports

To export a report:

  1. Go to Reporting > Report Center.
  2. Click and browse the following in the left-hand navigation panel:
    1. My Bookmarks.
    2. Public Bookmarks.
    3. Predefined Reports.
    4. Company Reports (the last item in the left-hand navigation panel).
  3. Click to open a report.
  4. Export as:
    1. Excel:
      1. Click Excel.
    2. Comma separated values:
      1. Click CSV.
    3. PDF:
      1. Paginate the data:
        Reports must have fewer than 200 rows before they can be exported as PDFs.

        1. Click the cogwheel-shaped Report Center sort menu cogwheel button to open the sort menu.
          Report Center sort menu
        2. Click the Paging tab.
          Report Center Paging tab
        3. Click Show paging.
        4. Type the number of Rows per Page.
        5. Click OK.
      2. Click PDF.


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Updated on August 26, 2021

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