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Export Release Schedule To PDF

Export your Release Schedule to PDF so it can be emailed, saved, or used in other applications.

Export Release Schedule to PDF

To export a release schedule to PDF:

  1. Go to Release > Schedule.
  2. Filter your release schedule using the filters in View Release Schedule.
  3. Click Export to PDF.
  4. Select a range from the Export Range drop-down menu:

    • Complete Schedule: Whole schedule without filtering.
    • Date Range: Select a date range.
    • Current View: The current manually filtered view.
  5. Select an Export Mode.
    • Single page: Compress the schedule to a single page.
    • Multiple pages: Split the schedule into multiple landscape pages.
    • Multiple pages vertically: Split the schedule into multiple portrait pages.
  6. Select a Paper format:
    • A5.
    • A4.
    • A3.
    • Letter (US).
    • Legal.
  7. Select an Orientation:
    • Portrait.
    • Landscape.
  8. If more than a single page is being exported, click to select Add page number.
  9. Click Export.


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Updated on October 5, 2021

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