Defect Workflows Customization

Defect Workflows allow users to create a sequence of Defect Statuses for each Defect Type, from an initial status to an end status. Users follow this workflow when working with Defects.

Customization Defects Workflows Sept 28 2017

Create a Workflow

Users can create workflows of Defect Statuses for each Defect Type.

Use the Defect Custom Fields Customization to customize Defect Statuses and Types.

To create a workflow for a Defect Type:

  1. Click Settings.
    The Select a Project… and Select Project/Release drop-down menus do not affect this customization.  

  2. Click Defect in the left-hand menu.
    Customization tab Sept 25 2017 Defect
  3. Click Workflows.
    Customization Defects Workflows Sept 28 2017 workflows
  4. Click a blue-linked Defect Type.
    Customization Defects Workflows Sept 28 2017 workflows blue-linked
    The workflow diagram window opens.
    Drag and drop Defect Statuses
  5. Drag and drop Defect Statuses from the column on the left into the panel on the right.
  6. Make connections between status boxes by clicking and dragging the yellow button between status boxes.
    Delete connections by double clicking them and clicking Yes
  7. Set Initial Status on one status box by clicking to select the triangular play button: 
    • Setting an initial status is mandatory.
    • The initial status is auto selected when the user selects a Type.
  8. Set the order priority of the Status in the workflow or Status field by typing a number in the bottom right corner:
    • Statuses must have an order priority number to appear in the workflow or the Status field.
    • Numbers must be positive integers, for example, 1, 2, 3. Zero is also acceptable.
    • Numbers must be unique. For example, if a user entered 1, 2, 2, 3, only one of the 2 Statuses would appear in the Status drop-down menu.
      Order of priority red arrow
  9. Click Save & Close.


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