Coyote – Plutora Production Release Notes Minor December 2014

Features Included in Coyote

Regional Release Schedule

Region Schedule
US 12th January 2015
AU 15th December 2014
UK 16th December 2014


Major Functionality Enhancements

Environment Change Request Maintenance Bench

  • To help users to manage Environment Change Requests more efficiently, Plutora now provides the new functionality to do Bulk Environment Requests.
  • A new button named “ECR Maintenance Bench” has been added to the Environment Requests Window
  • A release can be selected by selecting the corresponding Parent Release ID and child Release ID, or by selecting the Release ID directly.
  • Once a release is selected, the user can add several requests to this specific release, and associated Application Name, Drop Start/End Date, Environment Name, ECR Status, Assigned to and Comments all at once.
  • The user can also access this new functionality by hovering the mouse over the “Environment Requests” in the main menu.

Environment Group View – Schedule Marker

  • By double clicking the vacant area of Environment Schedule under Environment Group view, a marker form will be loaded.
  • The user will have the option to change the Scheduler Marker color, label name, and date.
  • Once the mark is saved, the Environment Schedule will depict the Scheduler Marker Label in a white box, with a colored triangle above it to show the Marker.
  • Double-clicking the white box or triangle will allow the user to edit the marker information. A tooltip is also available if the user hovers their mouse over the marker.

Environment Utilization Snapshot Enhancements

  • One extra color-coded column has been added to the Environments Grid to indicate whether an environment is being utilized or not.
  • The green indicates that the environment is being utilized, and blue indicates that the environment is idle.
  • One checkbox has also been added to help users to filter the utilized or idle Environments.
  • And the users’ filter options will be remembered. By default, both utilized or idle options are ticked.


Functional Enhancements in Coyote Release v3.0.104

Deployment Manager

Adding Deployment Task to an Existing Group

  • Users are now able to add a new individual Deployment Task to an existing Deployment group.
  • The task number for the newly added Deployment task and the following tasks will increment automatically.

Bulk Update for Draft Deployment Plan

  • A Bulk Update button has been added to the Deployment Plan under Draft mode.
  • The user can select multiple deployment tasks and update the responsible field at one time.
  • Only the users that have the permission to “Update Deployment Plan” can utilize this functionality.

Creating a Group for One Task

  • Users now have the ability to create a group for just one deployment task.

Deployment Plan Usability Enhancement

  • If there are lots of Deployment Tasks, the ‘Deployment Activities’ toolbar will stay on the top of data grid when users scroll down.


Environment Manager

Environment Schedule Colors

  • As users can set the customizable color for the bars displayed in the Environment Schedule, the white color will be excluded so the markers will always be visible in the Environment Schedule.

Environment Booking Request Visibility

Environment Change Request Usability Enhancement

  1. “No hosts exist” text will be displayed, and Host/Layer/Component will be locked if no host exists when the user tries to change the Environment under Environment Change Request pop up window.
  2. Environment Change Request end date picker will automatically appear after clicking done on the start date.

Environment Change/Booking Request Grid Improvements

  • The Environment Change/Booking Request Type columns in the grid have been removed.
  • Instead, the checkbox on the first column will be marked as orange for the Environment Change Request and green for Environment Booking Request.


Release Manager

Environment Allocation Schedule Window

  • The size of the Environment Allocation Schedule window under Environments Tab of the Release has been increased to improve visibility.

Releases can be excluded from ECR/EBR, and MDP search results dropdown column based on Release Status

  • A new column called “Exclude from results dropdown” has been added to “Release Status” under Customization.
  • Users can select multiple checkboxes at one time.
  • Once a Release Status is marked as excluding from Environment Change Request/ Environment Booking Requests search results:
  • The “Completed” status is marked as “Exclude from results dropdown” by default.

Release Activity/Criteria – Actual Completed on Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence has been added to the “Actual Completed On” Field.
  • If the status of the activity/criteria is not “Completed”, the “Actual Completed On” field will be disabled.
  • If the status of the activity/criteria has been changed to ‘Completed’, the “Actual Completed On’ field will be enabled.
  • If the ‘Actual Completed On:’ field is filled out, and the user changes the status back to something else other than ‘Completed’, the ‘Actual Completed On’ field will be disabled and cleared again.

Release Calendar Performance – Further Improvements

  • The Monthly View under Release Calendar Performance has been improved dramatically.



Query Builder – Fields Sorting


Bug Fixes

Environment Manager

Problem Fix
When users filtered by the Release ID under Environment Schedule – Project View, this filter preference will not be saved. Now the Environment Schedule will remember the user’s filter preference correctly.
Users were still able to change the Environment Layer status even if it has been marked as completed. Users will not be able to change the Environment Layer status once it is “Completed”.
When a user created a new Environment Change Request and entered in a Release Name or Release ID in the field, it loaded all Releases instead of the filtering one. Users can now search for the targeted release via the Release Name/ID.
Users were unable to delete Environment Booking Request if there are Additional Information fields associated with it. The Environment Booking Request can be deleted even it contains the additional information.

Release Manager

Problem Fix
When a user created an Environment Change Request via Environments Tab of a Release, the in-scope release and environment would not be popped up automatically. The corresponding Release and Environment will be popped up automatically.

Change Manager

Problem Fix
If a user left some mandatory fields blank when adding a new Change, and click Save, the user would not able to save the Change anymore even if the mandatory fields had been filled out. If a user leaves some mandatory fields blank when adding a new Change, an error message will appear. After the user fills out the mandatory fields, the new Change will be saved.

Master Deployment Plan

Problem Fix
Individual deployment plan that finished at 1.30 pm will be displayed at a timestamp of 2.00 pm. The timestamp will be displayed accurately to minutes when the corresponding timestamp selected.
 Draft activities displayed “Draft” as “On Time”/”Over Time” in the MDP.  The Deployment Plans that are in “Draft Mode” will display as Draft correctly in MDP now.

Deployment Manager

Problem Fix
When importing Deployment Plan, the description field has been marked as flagged as mandatory. The description field is no longer mandatory when importing from XLS.
Users were not able to import the same document consecutively. Now users can import both same and different documents consecutively.
Users were not able to import Deployment Plans via IE. Users now can import Deployment Plans from IE8 – IE10.

Common Issues

Problem Fix
In some instances, the top level live search would not return any results. The top level live search will perform correctly on every circumstance now.


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