Copy A URL To The Clipboard

Clicking the Copy URL to the Clipboard button Change copy to url button in the blue header of pop ups allows users to paste a record’s URL into emails and documents. Users who click the URL and are:

  • Not logged into Plutora: Will be able to view the record.
  • Logged into Plutora: Will be able to view and edit the record.
Systems page no longer has a Copy URL to Clipboard button because the URL appears in the browser location or address bar.

Copy a URL to the clipboard

To copy a URL to the clipboard:

  1. Click the Copy URL to Clipboard button at the top-right corner of pop ups throughout Plutora (see locations below).
    Use a mouse to click this button, it does not work with a touch screen.
  2. Paste the copied URL into another application or document.


Copy URL to Clipboard Locations

The Copy URL to Clipboard button can be found in the following locations:

  • Release > Manager > Releases toggle button: Click the blue-linked Release ID or Release Name.
  • Release > Schedule: Click the blue-linked Release ID/Release Name.
    • View/Edit Enterprise, Project, and Independent Release pop ups: Top-right corner.
      • Activities and Criteria pop up: Click the Activities tab and then a blue-linked Activity or Criterion.
  • Release > Change: Click a blue-linked Change ID or Name.
  • Environment > Requests: Click the TECRTEBR, or Booking tab.
    • Edit TECR pop up: Click a blue-linked TECR Title.
    • Edit TEBR pop up (with or without a Release): Click a blue-linked TEBR Title.
    • View/Edit My Environment Booking pop up: Click a blue-linked Release ID or Release Name.
  • Environment > Manager: Click a blue-linked Environment Name.
  • Environment > Groups: Click Details.
  • PIR > Manager: Click a PIR.


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