Add Or Edit Systems

Add or edit Systems from the Systems Manager page. Users can also duplicate a system.

Use a System to set up and run Builds.

Add or Edit a System

Add Information

To add or edit a System:

  1. Add or edit:
    1. Add:
      1. By + New:
        1. Go to + New > Other > System.
      2. By System Manager:
        1. Go to Environment > Systems.
        2. Click + New System.
      3. Under the Information panel:
        1. Type the Name. (Mandatory field.)
    2. Edit: Click a blue-linked System Name to edit a System.
      1. To edit the Name:
        1.  Hover your mouse cursor over the Name until the pen appears.
        2. Click the Name and starting typing to edit.
  2. Under the Information panel:
    1. Click to edit the Description.

Add Additional Information

Under the Additional Information panel:

Manage Builds

See Manage Builds.

Manage Automated Jobs

See Orchestration Using Automated Jobs

Add Details

  1. Under the Details panel:
    1. Click the Status toggle switch to label the System as active or inactive. (Mandatory field.)
    2. Type a Vendor. (Mandatory field.)
      Vendors now appear as a column on the Systems page and the Systems XLS export file.
    3. Click Portfolio Association and select from the tree menu. (Mandatory field.)
    4. Manage Aliases:
      Aliases are alternative names for the System. They must be unique and cannot be the same as the System’s Name.

      1. Add an Alias:
        System Aliases can now be managed through Plutora’s API.

        1. Type an Alias in the Alias field.
        2. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
      2. Delete an Alias:
        1. Click the X.

Manage Stakeholders

Manage Stakeholders associated with your System in the Stakeholders tab. For more information, see Manage System Stakeholders.

Manage System Dependencies

Add the Upstream and Downstream Dependencies to the System using the ‘System Depedencies’ functionality. For more information, see Manage System Dependencies.

View Audit History

To view Audit History, open a System, then select History from the Action menu.

Copy URL to Clipboard

Systems page no longer has a Copy URL to Clipboard button because the URL appears in the browser location or address bar.

Export your Systems to XLS

To export your Systems to XLS:

  1. Go to Environment > Systems.
    Only currently displayed Systems will be exported. Filter your Systems using the grid column filter or Query Builder if you do not want to export all of them.
  2. Select Export to XLS from the Action drop-down menu:

    1. Your Excel file should start downloading immediately.
      • If it doesn’t, check your pop up blocker settings.
    2. Save the file to your hard drive if prompted:
      • The export file now includes the Vendor column.
      • All data rows in the XLS file contain the Portfolio Association, making it easier to sort your data.


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