Add Or Edit Plutora Test Reports

Report Center contains ready-made reports about Defects, Test Parameters, and other subjects. These reports can be saved as Private or Public Reports and edited.

Report Center Sept 25 2017

Add Reports

To add a report:

  1. Click Report Center.
    Report Center Stryka
  2. Click Add Reports.
    • Only Active Test Plans are included in reports.
    • The Defects report has three additional columns: Impacted Test Count, Test Case Name, and Test Case Status.
      Defects report new test case columns
    • The Test Case report helps users keep track of Test Cases by presenting all the Test Case data, including Test Case TypeCreated ByCreated DateTest Plan Associations, and more.
      Test-Cases-report cropped
    • The Daily Test Progress Report uses the information gathered under the Detailed Execution Plan tab in Test Plans to create a detailed summary of the number of Test Cases planned and actually performed.
      Daily-Test-Progress-report-Sept 25 2017

      • Toggle Show defect detailed status to make the detailed defect status panels appear below the main report.
  3. Save the report as Public or Private:
    1. To save a report as Private (to your My Reports folder and only visible to you):
      1. Click Private.
      2. Type the title in Enter Private Report Title.
      3. Click Save.
      4. Click to open the My Reports folder.
      5. Click the title of your report to open it.
    2. To save a report as Public (to the Public Reports folder and visible to others):
      1. Click Public.
      2. Click to select a Public Report folder or
      3. Create a Public Report folder:
        1. Click to select a folder.
        2. Click the cog wheel-shaped button. Cog wheel
        3. Click Add New Folder.
        4. Type the New Folder Name.
        5. Click Done.
        6. Click to select the new Public Report folder.
      4. Click Save.
      5. Type the title in Enter Public Report Title.
      6. Click Save.
      7. Click to open folders and then click the title of your report to open it.
  4. To add the Report to the Custom Dashboard Panel list:
    1. Click to select the Add to custom dashboard panel list checkbox.
      The Report will save automatically and will appear in the list of Custom Panels.


Edit Reports

To edit a report:

  1. Click Report Center.
    Report Center Stryka
  2. Click My Reports.
  3. Open a report by clicking on the title.
  4. Add a new column to the right:
    1. Click Formula to add a new formula column:
    2. Type the column Name.
    3. Select data types from Insert a column.
    4. Select Data Type and Display Format.
    5. Click Add.
  5. Filter the data:
    1. Click Filter.
    2. Click to select a Filter Column.
    3. Click to select a Comparison.
    4. Type a Value.
    5. Click Add.
  6. Add a chart:
    1. Click Add Chart.
    2. Click to select a chart type. For example, PieBarLine etc.
    3. Fill in the fields and drop-down menu associated with your chart type.
    4. Click Add to Dashboard to add the chart to your Dashboard.
  7. Add a new table of data:
    1. Click Add Crosstab.
    2. Select table header values from the Header Value Column drop-down menu.
    3. Select other values.
  8. Click Add to Dashboard at any time to add the chart or table to your Dashboard.
  9. Click to select Add to custom dashboard panel list (Administrators-only) to allow users to select your customized data for their Dashboard.
  10. Save your report by clicking:
    Public: Save the report to Public Reports. (Must have Administration privileges.)
    Private: Save the report to My Reports.


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