System Manager allows users to view, search and filter their Systems. Open a System (by clicking the System Name) to view, edit or delete it.   Filter Buttons Click the Filter By buttons to filter by: My Portfolio Association: Show Systems for your portfolio association. Check which portfolio association you belong to

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Add Or Edit Systems

Add or edit Systems from the Systems Manager page. Users can also duplicate a system. Use a System to set up and run Builds. Add or Edit a System Add Information To add or edit a System: Add or edit: Add: By + New: Go to + New > Other > System.

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Delete A System

Systems can be deleted from the Systems page. Users can also bulk delete Systems. Delete a System Deleting a System will not delete it from existing Releases. But it will no longer be available when creating new Releases. To delete a System: Go to Environment > Systems. Browse or Live Search for

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Duplicate Systems

Duplicating a System saves users from re-entering information. Duplicate a System To duplicate a System: Go to Environment > Systems. Click to select the checkbox a System. Select Duplicate from the Action drop-down menu. Edit the duplicated System’s System Name if desired. Click Duplicate.  

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Bulk Update Systems

Users can save time by bulk updating System information. When bulk updating a field or a tab, data will either be replaced (in the case of text fields and drop-down menus) or added (in the case of combo boxes). Bulk Update Systems To Bulk Update Systems: Go to Environment > Systems.

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