Introduction to Systems

Introduction A system or application provides a business service and is typically owned by an organization. There are numerous systems needed to deliver all the business services of an enterprise. Access this feature to view, add and edit Systems in Plutora. Default Grid Views Customization allows administrators to align the grid view setup

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Add/Edit Systems

Introduction This article provides a brief overview of steps to add and edit Systems in Plutora. Pre-requisite You must have ‘Create System’ and ‘Update System’ user permissions. Navigation Environment > Systems Add a System To add a System: Navigate to the ‘Systems’ page. Click .  The ‘Create New System’ page

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Delete A System

Introduction Systems can be deleted from the Systems page. You can also bulk delete Systems. Pre-requisite Users must have the Delete System user permission.  Navigation Environment > Systems Delete from the Pop-Up To delete from the pop-up: Go to Environment > Systems. Click System Name to open. Click  on the pop-up. Click Delete. Click

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Duplicate Systems

Introduction Duplicating a System saves your time from re-entering information. Pre-requisite You must have ‘Create System’ user permission. Navigation Environment > Systems Duplicate a System To duplicate a System: Go to Environment > Systems. Select the System that you want to duplicate. Click . Click Duplicate. A pop-up displays. Enter a new name for

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Bulk Update Systems

Introduction You can save time by bulk updating System information. When bulk updating a field or a tab, data will either be replaced (in the case of text fields and drop-down menus) or added (in the case of combo boxes). Pre-requisite You must have the ‘Update System’ user permission.  Navigation

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