Release Management KPIs Dashboard

Release Management KPIs Dashboard allows enterprises to track key metrics and past performance across Releases. Why Use this Dashboard? KPIs are a retrospective tool, which helps enterprises look at their past performance. Using the Release Management KPIs Dashboard, you can find out: How your enterprise has performed historically. How trends

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Plutora Feature Release Notes For Early May 2021

 New Features Deployment Plan Activity N/A Status Now: Optional Deployment Plan Activities and Milestones can be set to a status of N/A during the Execution of a Deployment Plan if they do not need to be executed: Activities and Milestones with the N/A status are: Treated similarly to the Completed status in the following progress bars: Deployment

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Using Plutora-Info HTTP Header

Users should add a Plutora-Info HTTP header to all Plutora API requests so that Plutora can monitor API usage per script. Plutora-Info can be added to any HTTP request, such as GET, PUT, PUSH, PATCH, DELETE, and so on. Why is the Plutora-Info Header Required? The Plutora-Info HTTP header helps to: Provide

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How Fresh Is My Data?

To find out the time when the data in a Plutora Analytics cube was last refreshed, you can view: A dashboard’s data source, or The full list of data sources. 1a. Find the Data Source of a Dashboard To view the data source of a dashboard: Go to Reporting >

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Add Shared Workbooks Folders

Top-level folders inside the Shared Workbooks folder must be created by Plutora Support. Once a folder has been created at the top level, anyone with permissions can create a subfolder inside that folder. Add a Folder inside a Shared Workbooks Subfolder To create a subfolder inside a top-level Shared Workbooks folder:

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