Plutora Analytics

Plutora Analytics (driven by Tableau) will be replacing Report Center (driven by Logi) as Plutora and Plutora Test’s embedded analytics platform. Customers using Logi reported the following challenges: Hard-coded data selection. Slow performance. Limited filtering and calculation. Poor visualization customization. Errors and instability. Plutora Analytics solves those challenges to allow: Time as a

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Tableau Help Files

Tableau provides generic help files for its software, including videos, and a community (including forums and user groups). Please find a list of relevant Tableau help files below. You can also view the Tableau release notes. Help Files See the help files that Tableau provides for its software. Use Tableau on

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Add Calculated Fields

When your data does not contain the exact fields you want, you can set up calculated fields in Plutora Analytics. What are Calculated Fields? Calculated fields are fields created from calculations from other fields. For example, you might have fields for Changes but no field containing the number of Changes.

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Add, Print, and Export A Workbook In Plutora Analytics

Workbooks in Plutora Analytics allow users to analyze and graph data from one or more data cubes. 1. Create a workbook To create a workbook showing the list of Releases per Organization by Release Type: Go to: Plutora: Reporting > Analytics. Plutora Test: Click Plutora Analytics. Click Top-level Projects. Select All

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Schedule Plutora Analytics

Send selected users a regular, scheduled email with the latest version of a Workbook or View as a PNG image. If users click the image, the View or Workbook will open in Plutora Analytics. Users can create an unlimited number of scheduled emails. Schedule a Workbook or View To schedule

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Set The Date Format In Plutora Analytics

The displayed date format in Plutora Analytics depends on the Locale setting.   Set The Date Format To update your Locale setting and change your date format to the one appropriate to your country: Click the user profile avatar in the top-right corner of the navigation bar. Click My Account

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