Plutora Feature Release Notes for July 24, 2016

  Features Included in the July 24, 2016 Release Regional Release Schedule Region Schedule Asia-Pacific July 24, 2016 Europe July 31, 2016 Americas July 31, 2016 Functionality Enhancements Deployment Plan Library RedesignThe Deployment Plan Library page and pop up have been redesigned from the ground up to: Improve user experience Match the

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Deployment Plan Library

Introduction Deployment Plan Library allows you to view, search and filter the Deployment Plans. Pre-requisite You must have ‘Deployment Manager’ user permission to be able to view and access the ‘Deployment Plan Library’ page. Navigation Deployment > Manager Deployment Plan Library Layout and Features a: Filter fields b: Deployment Plan

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Add/Edit Deployment Plans

Introduction This article provides a brief overview of steps to add and edit Master Deployment Plans and Deployment Plans. To learn more, see Master/Child/Independent Deployment Plan. You can create a Master Deployment Plan or a Deployment Plan. To learn more, see Master/Child/Independent Deployment Plan. See Introduction to Deployment Plan Library

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