Plutora Feature Release Notes for December 11, 2016

Features Included in the December 11, 2016 Release Regional Release Schedule Region Schedule Asia-Pacific December 11, 2016 Europe December 18, 2016 Americas To be announced Functionality Enhancements Bulk Update Changes Previously, users could not bulk update Changes. Now, users can bulk update all the fields in Changes. User Account Timeouts Previously,

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TECR Custom Fields Customization

Introduction TECR Custom Fields appear under the Additional Information tab when adding or editing a Release. You can search for the TECR Custom Fields using Release Calendar’s Query Builder. This article provides an overview of steps for add, edit and delete TECR Custom Fields. Pre-requisite To be able to customize the TECR Custom Fields, you

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Localization Customization

The Localization Customization allows administrators to customize the way dates are shown. Changing the date format in Plutora also changes it for Plutora Test and vice versa. For Plutora Test’s localization customization, see Manage Localization in Plutora Test. Choose Localization Formats No calculation is performed to localize data, so all

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