Environment Manager

Environment Manager allows users to view, search and filter their Environments. Open an Environment (by clicking the Environment Name) to view, edit, or delete it. Live Search Live Search now searches not only Environment Name, but most standard fields (excluding custom fields). To use Live Search: Go to Environment > Manager. Type

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Add Or Edit Environments

Users can add and edit Environments on the Environment Manager page. Users can also duplicate environments. Details Tab To add or edit an Environment: Add: By + New: Go to + New > Environment > Manager. By Environment Manager: Go to Environment > Manager: Click + New Environment. Edit: Go to Environment >

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Delete Environments

Delete Environments from the Environment Manager page. Deleting an environment will not delete it from existing records. But it will no longer be available when creating new releases. Delete an Environment from the Grid To delete an Environment from the grid: Go to Environment > Manager. Delete from the Environment Manager page:

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Duplicate Environments

Duplicating an Environment saves users from re-entering information. Duplicate an Environment To duplicate an Environment: Go to Environment > Manager. Click to select an Environment checkbox (left-hand column). Select Duplicate Environment from the Action drop-down menu. Edit the Environment Name if desired. Click Duplicate.

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