API – IP Whitelisting Customization

Administrators can increase the security of external APIs for each site (subdomain) by whitelisting single IP addresses or IP address ranges. External API requests that come from an IP that isn’t on the whitelist will receive an Authorization has been denied for this request error message. Add or Edit an

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Visualize Plutora’s API With Swagger

Swagger provides users with interactive documentation so they can visualize and test the API of the various modules of Plutora.+ Swagger can be used with or without a token: Without a token: Users can view code samples. With a token: Users can view code samples and also use the API.

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Filter And Paginate API Calls

GET [Entity] JSON Response If pageNum is used, the GET [Entity] JSON response will show an array of records under the resultSet object and the maximum number of records returned will be 100 per page: returnCount: The number of records returned in the current request. totalCount: The number of records matching the applied filter. pageNum: The number

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