Dashboard Template Administration

Dashboard Template Administration allows administrators to create Dashboard templates, which contain Dashboard tabs, which contain widgets, and set the visibility of Dashboard templates for user roles. Administrators can also set the visibility of individual widgets by user role in the Visibility of Dashboard Panels Customization. Add and Edit Dashboard Templates To add

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Plutora Analytics

Over the next few months, Plutora Analytics (driven by Tableau) will be replacing Report Center (driven by Logi) as Plutora and Plutora Test’s embedded analytics platform. Customers using Logi reported the following challenges: Hard-coded data selection. Slow performance. Limited filtering and calculation. Poor visualization customization. Errors and instability. Plutora Analytics solves those challenges

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Introduction to Reporting

Plutora’s Analytics module leverages data from all Plutora modules, as well as any data aggregated from integrated toolchains. This enables Plutora Analytics to report on current status, as well as show trends and predict future events based on historical data. Plutora provides a number of out-of-the-box reports across its modules,

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