Manage Users In Plutora Test

Add, edit or delete Users from the User Management tab under Settings. Users can manage their own profile with Plutora Test User Menu. To manage Users in Plutora, see User Management. Add or Edit Users To add or edit Users: Click Settings. Click the User Management tab. To add or edit a User: Add a User: Click Add New

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Manage User Roles And Permissions In Plutora Test

Permissions give users privileges, such as access to pages. Permissions are assigned to user roles. Users receive permissions when they are assigned to a user role. When a permission is toggled off for a user role, users with that role will notice that the buttons, links and tabs associated with that permission are

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Manage User Groups In Plutora Test

The User Groups feature allow Users to be assigned in bulk rather than one at a time. Add a User Group To add a User Group: Click Settings. Click the User Management tab. Click Manage Groups. Click Add new Group. Type a New Group Name. (Mandatory field.) Type a New Group Description. (Mandatory field.) Click Create New Group.

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