IM Dashboard

Initiative Management (IM) Dashboard is the customizable front end of the Initiative Management module. Developers should see Use Cases And Sample Scripts For IM Dashboard. Elements in IM Dashboard? Initiatives Dashboard can contain: Dashboard Tabs, which contain Widgets (also called Sections or Blocks), which contain Section (or Widget or Block) tabs, which

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Insights Dashboard

Insights Dashboard brings all delivery metrics together to provide a one-stop view of all Release, Test, and Quality data. Find out how to Manage Insights Dashboard. Show and Hide Columns using the Grid Column Selector It is possible to set which columns will display in Insights Dashboard. To show or

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Use Cases And Sample Scripts For IM Dashboard

Use cases and sample scripts designed to work with IM Dashboard. Use Cases for IM Dashboard Here are some example use cases that can be satisfied by the use of IM Dashboard: As a user, I want to see a single page with my upcoming Releases and Release Management tools.

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Release Management KPIs Dashboard

Why Use this Dashboard? Why Use this Dashboard? KPIs are a retrospective tool, which helps enterprises look at their past performance. Using the Release Management KPIs Dashboard, you can find out: How your enterprise has performed historically. How trends have changed over time. How this year’s performance compares with last

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Introduction to Dashboard

The Dashboard menu item is your gateway to Management Information (MI)/Executive dashboards within the Plutora platform. The Dashboard module in Plutora enables you to find out: How your enterprise has performed historically and changed in trends over time? How did this year’s performance compare with last year or the year before?

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Value Stream Flow Metrics

Note Value Stream Flow Metrics (VSFM) dashboard is in beta and ready for early adoption. In order to enable it, contact your dedicated customer support executive. Introduction The Value Stream Flow Metrics dashboard lets you track your flow metrics with the least effort. You can view metrics like lead time,

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