Duplicate Changes

Introduction Duplicating a Change to create a new saves your time from re-entering the information. Pre-requisite You must have the ‘Create Change’ user permission. Navigation Release > Change  Duplicate a Change To bulk update Changes: Navigate to the ‘Change’ page. Search for the Change that you want to duplicate. You can

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Manage Change Systems

Introduction While creating a new Change record, you must link the Systems that are affected by this Change record. This article provides a brief overview of steps to add and manage Systems in a Change record. Pre-requisite You must have ‘Update Change’ user permission. Navigation Release > Change Access ‘Systems’

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Linked Items in Change

Introduction It is a view-only tab in the Change. The ‘Linked Items’ tab shows the TECRs that have had this Change record added to the Change connected to TECR panel under the Linked Change tab in TECRs.  Pre-requisite You must have ‘Change Manager’ user permission. Navigation Release > Change Access

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Manage Change Stakeholder

Introduction The Stakeholders feature enables you to add and manage the stakeholders to the Change. You can choose a user or a user group as a Change Stakeholder. There are four types of Stakeholders Roles, you can select one or more these types: Responsible (R) Accountable (A) Consulted (C) Informed (I)

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Manage Delivery Release

Introduction Delivery Release tab shows the list of Releases that have the following associations: Release <–> SystemAND System <–> Change The Release(s) in the Delivery Release tab is associated with the System added in the Systems tab for this Change. For Releases to appear in this tab, must meet the following conditions: they

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